What Do your Clients Need?

Aug 19, 2020Business Development, Coaching0 comments

Our job, as business leaders, is to make our customers and clients happy. You might think you specialize in retail B2B, branding, or promotional marketing, but you really specialize in making your clients happy. Some days it is easy to give your clients what they need and keep them happy, but other times it seems like an elusive goal.

There is something we are missing. Many clients are not willing to change because they lack a compelling reason to do something different. They believe the status quo is good enough. You can enlighten them by sharing insights and ideas that could significantly impact their business. When you illuminate the ideas and concepts your clients do not know they do not know, you create new opportunities. 

The best questions will help your clients recognize something about themselves. Help them uncover something about themselves, their potential, their differentiator, or their business. When you hear them say, “That’s a good question,” you know you are on the right track, helping them discover something valuable.

Always look at the possibilities. Your clients are so focused on the day to day details of their business; they may need you to show them what is possible. How will their life or their business change if they pursue a new goal or launch a new initiative? You can be proactive by sharing the vision with your clients before they recognize it. This positions you as a trusted partner with a forward-thinking and innovative mentality. 

Rather than pushing a specific product or solution, slow down and take a consultative approach. Remember that if your client already knew what to do, they would be doing it. You can serve them well by avoiding high-pressure sales techniques and offering your sound advice.

You need to help them envision and create the future. It is all about helping your clients achieve their desired outcome. This means that you must ensure they do what they need to do to execute effectively and produce the results they purchased when they signed your contract. You can help your clients along by removing any obstacles and making sure your team and their team stay on the same page. 


Before your next client call, consider the points above. Are you delivering on what your clients actually need right now? You have an opportunity to provide value by opening their eyes to what they might not have seen or even thought about. Is there something they should be doing that they have not considered? Show your expertise by providing guidance and then helping them get the outcome they want. And help them thrive.


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