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We’re a little bit different – and we think you’ll like that.  We have one focus: help others thrive in a digital world. This means we desire to cultivate real relationships with our clients to help them win.

Our founder, Lindsey Underwood, developed Raine Digital out of her love for creative media and passion to help others find success.  Born into a family of ambitious entrepreneurs, Lindsey began pursuing an array of opportunities that satisfied her both her entrepreneurial mindset and adventurous spirit early in life. Later, she studied business and technology, then design and marketing – ultimately finding her entrepreneurial niche in the digital arena.

Combining her love for creative media and passion for making a difference, she joined the staff at Impact Church in a hybrid role in 2012. As Office Administrator/Creative Media Director, she was able to further develop her creative skill set while still maintaining her freelance clientele that eventually became the foundation for Raine Digital.  It was in that position she learned the ins and outs of non-profits operations and organizational marketing, making her skills a valuable asset not only to businesses and corporations but also non-profits and ministries.

Early in 2016, Lindsey stepped away from her administrative role at Impact allowing her to direct full-time focus on developing Raine Digital. Her passion for helping other individuals, businesses, and non-profits become successful is what makes Raine Digital itself the success it is today.

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