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Holistic approach

  • To marketing and business growth

Why take a holistic approach

A holistic business approach is an increasingly accepted concept in the business world. To take this approach, the business considers the entire organization in its decision-making, rather than only on specific components of the business.  By taking a holistic approach to growing a business, you’re able to make certain your business efforts are running at their full potential.  

Holistic approaches to business, such as the Six Sigma strategy developed by Motorola, considers the entire business situation rather than a single time, segment, or portion of it.

Applied to marketing, a holistic approach is also gaining popularity.  With an ever-changing marketing landscape, saturated markets filled with competitors, and over 100 different types of marketing, choosing the right approach and combinations for an organization can be quite a challenge. 

Under this strategy, a company with different divisions comes together in synergy in pursuance of an intentional mission, excellent customer experience, and positive brand perception.

“A holistic marketing concept is based on the development, design, and implementation of marketing programs, processes, and activities that recognize their breadth and interdependencies. Holistic marketing recognizes that ‘everything matters’ with marketing and that a broad, integrated perspective is necessary to attain the best solution.”  Philip Kotler, Author & recipient of the AMA’s first-ever “Distinguished Marketing Educator Award”

Components of Holistic Marketing


Internal marketing refers to the synergy of organizational systems and departments collaborating with the marketing department.


Integrated marketing addresses the pricing strategy, product strategy, placement strategy, promotions strategy and communications strategy.


Performance marketing is centered on various business activities, such as how to market a product or service, brand and customer loyalty, and the ethical and legal responsibilities a company and its products and services support.


Relationship marketing is centered on the relationships your brand has with its customers, employees, partners, vendors, and even competitors.

Our Process

In order for Raine Digital to best help your SMB apply a holistic marketing approach, we have to learn the ins and outs of your company. We do this through a detailed discovery session where we identify your brand’s strengths, weaknesses, targets, goals, and much more.

Once we have a clear picture of your business and goals, we begin our research and planning stage to compile the best strategy possible for your business to achieve your growth goals.

Once we have a strategy in place, we begin implementation.  This phase is a continually ongoing process as we are constantly measuring the results of our efforts and revising as the business, community, and market evolve. What works today doesn’t always work tomorrow. For this reason, we rely on data to make necessary pivots to stay ahead of the curve for our clients.


Frequently Asked  Questions

How do I Know If Holistic Marketing is Right for our brand?

We see a huge opportunity for SMBs across the country to leverage a holistic approach to marketing and growth in order to compete and conquer their markets.  For this reason, we truly believe a holistic approach is beneficial for every SMB and the sooner it’s implemented in the company’s culture, the easier it is to scale through the future.

It Sounds Expensive. How Much Should We Spend on This Approach?

It is important to view marketing not as an expense, but as an investment in your business with an expected return on that investment.  With that said, it doesn’t take a large budget to get started.  We recommend following the Small Business Administration’s recommendation on marketing budgets for SMBs, which range from 7-12% of revenue.  By taking this percentage approach to budgeting, we’re able to start smaller and increase the investment and efforts as the business grows.

How Do We Effectively Collaborate with Raine Digital?

All clients who are engaged in our holistic approach services have their own dedicated account manager that serves as their single point of contact.  Our account managers are extremely well versed in the world of marketing and are forever learners. 

Our account managers are strategists, and they’re backed by a team of hundreds of support team members who handle the execution of all marketing endeavors, under the direction of account managers.

Additionally, we believe in the power of collaboration, so our account managers are always brainstorming and strategizing together to ensure your brand truly does implement the best approach possible.

Do you only work with businesses in your area?

No! We work with brands across the entire United States.

Founded in 2012, Raine Digital has evolved significantly over the years.  In 2020, during the covid-19 pandemic response, our team was required to implement systems that allowed our team to work remotely without sacrificing the culture of creativity.  What we discovered through that transition is that we actually became better at what we do.  With technological tools that allow us to stay focused and collaborative, we actually saw an increase in both productivity and morale.  Additionally, we saw a decrease in operational expenses through this transition, allowing us to maintain our very competitive pricing structures.

For this reason, our team no longer operates out of corporate office buildings, but out of home offices and coworking spaces.


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