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Resilience is what gives people the psychological strength to cope with stress and hardship. In business, resilience is what makes leaders continue to show up and take care of the people in their charge during downturns in business. Being resilient does not reduce stress or remove difficulties–it simply helps us cope better.

Resiliency gives us the ability to better handle difficulties when they arise. Even in times of unfathomable adversity, resilience allows people to pull up the strength to not just survive, but thrive. We see this in cyclical businesses that are based on tourism. Mentally strong people tend to have support from family, friends, and colleagues who are there for them in times of trouble.

Resilient people can look at negative situations realistically in a manner that does not cast blame or create worry in an unchangeable circumstance. Instead, they look for ways to attack the problem at hand in small ways to erode the immensity of the problem into something more manageable. In times of trouble, focusing on what you can control is how to demonstrate resiliency.

Kendra Cherry, in her article “10 Ways to Build Your Resilience,” suggests finding a sense of purpose in your life. You must believe in your abilities; in fact, research has demonstrated that self-esteem plays an important part in coping with stress and recovering from adverse events. Build a strong social network with people you can rely on and trust. Be willing to embrace change–the world is not static. Stay positive. Positive thinking is not about ignoring the problem but focusing on positive outcomes. When stressed, remember to take care of yourself. Develop your problem-solving skills. Experiment with different ways of working through problems; lead people through the challenge.  Create goals and take action to solve the problem. Finally, always be building your skills.

The landscape of business is always changing. There are always threats and there are always opportunities. Put your best effort into transforming every challenge into an opportunity. Be resilient. And thrive.

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