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Alignable and LinkedIn are both business networking sites, yet have very different purposes. Alignable is designed for small business networking to help businesses connect. On the other hand, LinkedIn is a professional network intended to showcase personal skills and talents to connect with likeminded people and grab the attention of hiring managers.

Looking first at LinkedIn, this platform allows you to build your personal and business brands. It also gives others an opportunity to show what they think of you. This is achieved by sharing new content and commenting on the content provided by others.

LinkedIn also helps with networking and has specialized groups to support you. Recruiters use LinkedIn to search for new talent, even if you are happy in your current position. While most social media platforms are based on people’s personal lives, LinkedIn is solely for professional use. When you follow people, it can be both informative and inspiring. 

Alignable is a powerful network for small and micro-businesses. It is designed with these companies in mind to assist in networking and providing recommendations for each. When beginning with Alignable, businesses you already know from your contact list will be suggested. To encourage engagement, it also sends daily emails.

Alignable and LinkedIn are both great professional networking sites. Like any social media, you need to be active to be relevant. In short, LinkedIn will build your personal brand and reputation; to grow your business, Alignable is where you want to be. It connects you with the businesses that want to do business with you. 

One catch with Alignable is you have to be invited.  Get invited (you can email me and I will send you an invite), grow your business network, and thrive.

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