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Why a Free Business Development Strategy

Mar 12, 2020Business Development, Company Updates0 comments

Many people may question why a successful business development agency would give away their strategic thinking, much less empower people with tools they can use to do it themselves.

My name is Adam Ward–I am the VP of Sales and Marketing at Raine Digital as well as our Lead Strategist, which is why I am excited to be spearheading this new initiative. Marketing was not necessarily a chosen career path, or something I even quit my job to have “freedom” to do; rather, I am in marketing simply because I want to see the world become a better place.

At Raine Digital, we wholeheartedly believe small businesses have the power to change the world. In order for a small business to thrive, they must not only run the business itself, but simultaneously keep up with marketing trends and best practices; this is where Raine Digital steps in.

Over the last year, we have been working hard to build something that is more of a full-service business development agency that can meet needs from every angle for their clients. Naturally, we have had growing pains like any startup; however, we are finally becoming the business we have always wanted to be.

Part of that business vision is this offer: a free growth strategy where we can give our best to you. Whether it be in person or a video call if you’re not local, we want to find out what you’re trying to do and give you a plan to help you do it.

No gimmicks. No sales pitch. Of course, we run a business and would love to have you as a client. What is more important to us is that we earn our clients, not bait and switch them.

To honor that, we will tell you how to do everything we talk about yourself. Whenever necessary, we will recommend another agency or individual who may be a better fit for you. We will always leverage our network of connections in order to best help you.

At Raine Digital, our goal is to grow brands.  The more successful businesses there are in our economy, the more room there is for other businesses to grow.


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