Using Video Testimonials to Drive Conversions

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Customer testimonials are a powerful way to demonstrate your abilities and successes and drive conversions and land more sales. They are frequently effective because they showcase authentic people who have worked with you and benefitted from your products and services. Instead of presenting a strong sales pitch, a testimonial allows you to spotlight your value from an unbiased voice: your client.

Video testimonials are particularly significant because they allow prospects to hear directly from others who have worked with you. So, how do you get your video testimonials right? There are so some best practices you can follow to make the most of the testimonials you receive.


You must clearly indicate your testimonials are from your real clients. Many people are skeptical of testimonials, and for a good reason. Some companies pay actors to give glowing reviews. Therefore it is critical that you mention upfront that your video is from your actual clients. Potential clients need to understand that you have not paid them to say positive things. Instead of highlighting your products or services, you should ask your clients to share their journeys and success stories. How did your work improve their lives or businesses? This helps potential clients learn and understand what you do well. You may consider creating and sharing case studies.

You should share your videos across various platforms. When you get an amazing testimonial video, make sure your prospects can easily see it. This means sharing it across multiple communication platforms. Embed it on your website and share it on social media. You can effectively broaden your reach, making your content more accessible when you employ a combined media strategy.

You will want to feature testimonials on your website. A primary purpose of customer testimonial videos is to connect with new prospects. When potential clients see your previous and current clients speaking about their experience working with you, you make it easier for them to connect with you by including a link or email address in the video where viewers can reach you.

You want to leverage all the available data. Data is essential when sharing your testimonials because it tells you how many people are watching your content. Be sure you are paying attention to the analytics. Consider metrics such as average play length to see if viewers watch the whole testimonial or leave before it’s over. Consider what this may do for your SEO. You can also track video metrics such as total plays and total subscribers through various social media platforms.


You should always consider your buyer persona. To best utilize customer testimonial videos, you should be focusing on the channels that appeal to your buyer persona. When reaching a B2B audience, for example, you may want to prioritize sharing your videos on your website over social media channels such as Instagram. The more you can anticipate and understand your customers’ viewing habits, the easier it will be to put content, your products, and your services in front of them.

When you gather a collection of strong customer testimonial videos, you have valuable and powerful marketing tools at your disposal. Customer testimonials are a powerful way to demonstrate your abilities and successes and drive conversions and land more sales. To effectively use these testimonials, you want to be sure to share them strategically and analyze the data to understand how viewers respond to them. When you are successful at sharing your customer testimonial videos, you will start to build connections and drive conversions. This will help you thrive.


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