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Powerful Tools to Utilize Social Media

Nov 24, 2020Business Development, Marketing, Social Media1 comment

While LinkedIn is an effective prospecting tool, it is not the only social media platform that you should use to help you bring in leads. You can also connect and engage with buyers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. This will utilize social media to boost brand awareness, strengthen relationships, advertise new products and offerings, and get in front of high-quality sales leads.

The following are some thoughts on how you can use social media to promote your brand awareness.


Put thought into your profile.

The first thing to consider on any social platform is to present what you want your customers to see. Make sure your profile photo shows you in the best light. Look at your profile from your customers’ perspective. Is it professional? Is it current? If you use social media to prospect, your potential buyers will see your photo. You want to appear likable–so make it a good one.


Pinpoint your ideal prospect profile.

This means creating a persona. Another effective social promotion tip is to get specific on who you want to talk to. It is worthless to speak to someone interested in talking to you but who is not a good fit for your services. Only target people who will make good opportunities for you.


Connect on the right platforms.

While LinkedIn is a primary channel for B2B sales, your prospects may hang out on other platforms like Twitter or Instagram. You do not have to be active on every platform to master social selling. Focus on 1-2 social media platforms where your prospects hang out and pour your energy into those outlets. To do this, you will need to know what each platform specializes in.


Send personalized messages.

You may want to look for people on LinkedIn using the advanced search function. This ensures you are targeting people you can add value to. You can reasonably make about 20 connection requests each day and without automating them. If the prospect accepts your request, send them a personalized note about connecting in some way, whether that is chatting on the phone, virtual meeting, or sending them something of value.


Build Facebook groups strategically.

Like LinkedIn outreach, you can also find groups on Facebook where your ideal customers and clients hang out. Look for industry-specific or interest-based groups. When you join these groups, you will also see relevant other groups to join. Be sure that after you join these groups, you take your time to understand what each community is like before blasting your offers.


Be consistent in your message and cadence.

Consistency is essential for your social selling efforts to pay off. If, for example, you commit to sending 20 LinkedIn connection requests every day for a week, but then you drop off, you will not see long-term success. Whatever social platforms you use, stay the course.


Steer clear of spam.

No one likes getting sold to, especially by someone they have just met. When you connect with buyers on social media, try to offer value, and start a dialogue. Do not immediately jump into a sales pitch. I immediately disconnect with new contacts who try to pitch me as soon as we connect.

Spending time on social media is an effective way to prospect. Think about which platforms attract your ideal customers and clients and focus your efforts there. Just be sure your profile is up to date and professional, and you aim to add value. And this will help you thrive.


Social media strategy is definitely our thing.
We offer tools to help you do it yourself, or you can allow us to tailor a solution for your unique brand. Connect with us today!


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