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Have Peace with Your Job Security

Nov 9, 2020Business Development0 comments

In times of crisis, everyone wonders if their job is safe. Whether or not your company has experienced layoffs or cutbacks, the anxiety is real. There are always challenging times, and while nothing is guaranteed, you can take steps to increase the value you bring to your employer.

You can do some things to increase your job security and make yourself a more appealing candidate should you decide to explore other opportunities.

Let’s explore a few ideas below:

Remember to RAFT.

This stands for being Resilient, Adaptable, Flexible, and Thoughtful. Resilient professionals do not impact for the long term based on temporary setbacks. They keep moving and do whatever it takes to stay afloat. Adaptable employees learn to collaborate with others through any challenge, adjusting as work environments and assignments change. Those who are flexible are willing to take on new and different roles. Employees who are thoughtful find ways to show kindness and empathy to their bosses, colleagues, and customers. These are the kind of people you want on your team. When you remember to RAFT, you can turn yourself into someone no one wants to part with.

Embrace creativity.

Your company and your clients value people who can creatively solve their pain points. In difficult times, you should not fall back on business as usual—it is time to think about new and innovative approaches. To increase your job security, you should be using your creativity to help your company think through the unforeseen obstacles of the present moment and those still ahead. The only bad idea is not having any ideas at all. Be creative, demonstrate innovative thinking, and look for inventive and creative ways to solve problems.

Never stop learning.

To make yourself the best team member now and in the future, commit to being a lifelong learner. What are some skills you do not currently have but may need? Even if you only focus on acquiring these skills for an hour a week or reading thirty minutes a day, you can make yourself a more valuable part of your team. Be sure to focus on the big picture, noting the fields that may grow the quickest during times of crisis.

Think of solutions.

Then execute. If you want to make yourself a valuable part of the team, it is important to have ideas and know how to get them done. Your team leader and clients have a lot on their minds, so do not wait for them to come to you with a problem. It is best to tackle challenges ahead of time, without being asked. In this current season, you can make your mark by being someone who rolls up your sleeves and gets the job done with tenacity.

Reach out to others.

Networking is a valuable skill that is worth developing, especially during uncertain times. Even when people are social distancing or working from home, they still appreciate you reaching out to them. By simply checking in on a prospect, client, or former colleague, you could be opening the door to a new business opportunity. Do not be afraid to be transparent in these conversations. If you need help, do not be scared to ask for what you need. The other person will likely welcome the opportunity to make a positive difference in your life.

Practice empathy.

Empathy is a soft skill that is incredibly valuable during difficult times. When you display empathy in all your interactions, you become someone that others desire to work with. Whether it is your current team or your clients, others will recognize and appreciate your empathetic approach and concern. Strive to listen actively, offer to help however you can, and see how you can make a difference—no matter how small.

Even when unemployment numbers rise and may rattle you, they do not necessarily mean that your job will be cut. Still, it is crucial to build the right skills and keep the right mindset to make yourself as valuable as possible—whether it is with your current team or a new one. And this will help you thrive.

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