Networking Emails: Don’t Let New Connections Go To Waste

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We all want to stand out and be noticed. Whether you want to stand out in the job market, meeting someone or want to make a strong impression on a potential customer or client, a well-written email can help you achieve your goal. When you meet someone new, either in person or virtually, take some notes about them. These notes can help you establish, maintain and build a strong relationship down the line, which is crucial when you are trying to land a job or make a sale. 

The key is to move and learn quickly.
The more time that passes after you meet someone, the harder it is to remember them. So, if you want to go from a potentially forgotten contact to a trusted resource or must-hire business offering solutions, take some time to craft a compelling networking email. 

Always have the thank-you email.
It is always a good idea to express appreciation, whether you want to say thank you for a potential customer’s or client’s time or thank you for a job interview. Set apart 15 minutes within 48 hours of your meeting to write a thank-you note.  

There are several ways to write it.  
You could start with a simple sentence like, “Thank you for taking the time to chat with me.” In the next sentence, you should be sharing a specific piece of advice or insight from the other person that you found helpful. Then end the email, wishing the other person well. Often, the other person will respond saying they were glad to meet you as well. 

You should be asking for referrals. 
Sometimes, you may want your contact to refer you to another person. To gain a referral, you should have developed a relationship, showing that you are a dependable and likable person. You also need contacts who are willing to take the time and risk of opening their network

Once again, start by thanking the person. 
Gratitude goes a long way. Then, remind the contact of your interests in a broad way. You could mention you would like to learn more about their marketing role, their successes, and the broader industry in their city. Next, ask for advice on the next steps to secure a meeting with a hiring manager or buyer. You could say something like, “Is there anyone else you think I should meet?” 

Set a reminder to check in on those who refer you.
Their helpfulness is a good indicator that they would be willing to recommend you for a role. It is an opportunity to thank them and to offer your services gently.

It is important that in the first email, thank them for referring you to another person and provide a summary of how you have utilized their guidance. In later regular emails, consider tying in the season or company news. For example, you could say something like, “I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Thanks for all your guidance!”  

When you meet someone new, do not let the new connection go to waste. That new contact may help you secure a job or close a deal with a new client. To stay connected with the people in your professional network, consider when you can use the emails detailed above. And this will help you thrive. 


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