How Can You Grow Customer Relationships?

Nov 12, 2020Business Development0 comments

In business, relationships matter more than ever. Many professionals strive to build customer relationships through discounts, loyalty programs, and upselling. However, real relationships are built on bonds of trust that do not involve price changes.

When businesses focus on relationship marketing, they can get inside customers’ minds and hearts. If you want to learn how to form impactful relationships with your customers and prospects, read on.

Strive to create emotional connections with customers.

Think about some of your favorite consumer brands. Some people particularly enjoy products from brands such as Apple or Nike and are so loyal that if others talk negatively about the brand, they still stand by the company. This kind of emotional connection is also possible in B2B sales. Keep in mind, you sell to a person and not a business. You are engaging with a human being when pitching ideas and developing campaigns. To connect on an emotional level with your customers, you must build a rapport that will ensure trust, show personality, and inspire confidence. You can do this by delivering on your promise at every stage of the customer journey.

Know your “why.”

When you want to strengthen relationships with your customers, it always helps to know why you are reaching out to them. You should always have a meaningful reason beyond meeting your sales quota. When you strive to create value for customers, they pay attention. When they see that you stand for something, whether it is helping during the COVID-19 crisis or volunteering in your local community, they notice. When you are firm on your “why” and work with purpose, you naturally help build customer relationships.

Being purpose-driven is a growth driver for your business. He notes research indicating that 47% of customers buy from brands that support a good cause on a monthly basis, and nearly all customers (91%) would switch brands if a different brand of similar price and quality supported a good cause. Think about what matters most to you and aim to get involved in some way.

Leverage your brand community.

A brand community comprises a group of customers who support and promote your brand whenever possible. Every company is encouraged to leverage this community by bringing them together. You may consider hosting a Facebook live event in which you invite your community to share and discuss ideas. Remember to listen to your community and help them spread the word about what you can offer.

When thinking about CRM, the time is right to focus on the R––the relationships. Team members can help build, nurture, and grow customer relationships by tapping into customers’ hearts and minds. It starts by considering how you make your customers feel. How they feel about you determines the strength of the relationship. To nurture those bonds, make sure you know your customers and your own personal purpose. This is relationship marketing–and this will help you thrive.

You want to grow your brand, and we want to help. Let’s start growing today!


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