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Improving the customer experience has become a key focus for brands seeking to differentiate themselves, grow their brands, and increase revenue in highly competitive industries. 

For example, in the food & beverage industry, Pizza parlors made the way to more personalized service by launching user-friendly ordering apps. Starbucks raised the stakes with its star loyalty program and customized product offerings.

While the methods, technology, and resources required of these big brands may seem too far out of reach for smaller brands, there are some things small companies can do to collect more data to provide a more tailored experience for the customer. 

So, how can smaller companies with fewer resources capitalize on customer personalization?


Segment your email lists. Grouping your subscribers into separate lists will ensure they don’t receive irrelevant information.

Allow users to save their payment info online. For e-commerce, this speeds along the checkout process and reduces barriers to a successful checkout.

Launch a customer loyalty program. It doesn’t have to be involved, but when you reward your best customers or their spending habits with your brand, they’re more likely to keep coming back, and maybe even bring a friend.

Listen to customer feedback. 68% of consumers abandon a business because they don’t feel the brand cares about them. That’s why you should use surveys and interviews to gain insights to leverage in the direction of your business. Asking for feedback will show your customers you value their opinions by catering to their needs and desires.

Utilize retargeted advertising. We live in a world filled with distractions, and sometimes we get interrupted when we’re doing something online. By leveraging retargeted advertising, you can capture some of that lost business from abandoned carts or bookings.

Craft personalized email subject lines. When you know your customers and can effectively personalize the email subject line to them directly, they are 82% more likely to open that email.


Your customers want and expect a personalized shopping experience. It’s your job to deliver this to them in a way that simplifies their lives. Listen to your customers as you launch, grow, and scale your business. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box to deliver the best experience possible to your customers.

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