Why It Might Be Wise to Consider a Virtual Office When Starting Your Business

Aug 20, 2018Business Development0 comments

A dedicated workspace is essential to your business’s success. Before signing a one-year lease for a brick-and-mortar office, though, you should consider a virtual office. It offers a digital environment where you and your employees can work while still featuring a conventional mailing address, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg regarding its benefits.

A Virtual Office Costs Less Than a Conventional Office

Leasing an office is expensive, especially for entrepreneurs looking to get their small business up and running. According to Entrepreneur, the average cost of commercial office space in the United States is about $23.23 per square foot a year. For a 1,500-square-foot office, that’s $34,845 a year. Because they are online, virtual offices cost a fraction of this amount. You’ll save thousands of dollars each year by choosing a virtual office instead of a brick-and-mortar office.

A Virtual Office Increases Trust and Confidence in Customers

A virtual office can increase customer trust and confidence. If your business doesn’t have a physical, dedicated address, you may be forced to use your home address when creating promotional messages and online listings for your business. Unfortunately, this looks unprofessional and will make customers distrust your business. A virtual office, however, provides you with a dedicated address that you can use for these and other purposes.

A Virtual Office Eliminates Worker Commutes

Neither you nor anyone who works for your business will have to commute to the office. It’s called a virtual office because it’s accessible over the internet. After logging in to the virtual office, you can set deadlines, delegate tasks, monitor workers’ performance and more. Considering that the average commute time for U.S. workers is almost a half-hour, this alone is a reason to use virtual office.

A Virtual Office Increases Productivity

Finally, your business will benefit from increased productivity with a virtual office. Research cited by Forbes found that workers are more productive when they telecommute rather than work from a local office. Virtual offices allow workers to instantly begin working, and they also feature high-tech tools like file-sharing programs, online chat, video conferencing and more. Using these tools, workers will produce more work in less time. And this is all while saving money (which could be used for other important business areas such as marketing).

As you can see, working from a virtual office offers several advantages over traditional offices. It costs less, increases trust in customers, eliminates worker commutes and increases productivity. Whether you’re launching a new business or looking to optimize your existing business, you should consider a virtual office.







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