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We believe in ongoing education and testing internally before we make a product or service available to our clients.  Therefore, you get the benefits of tried and true methods implemented by a knowledgeable staff.


Because our passion is to help others thrive online, we have created streamlined processes and scalable solutions that fit just about any budget.



Whether you need our help to supplement what your in-house team is doing, or you need us to take the lead in your marketing efforts, we work together to create the best solutions for your brand.

Featured Marketing Services

Social Media

Successful activities on social media as part of a marketing campaign requires both strategy and creativity.  We know it takes quality, engaging and useful digital assets being deployed on core platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to generate sustainable growth.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine rankings are important to any business, and by utilizing modern best practices, we’ll work to make sure you show up in the search results by the prospects that are looking for what you have to offer.  This is done through a strategic approach concerning website content and technology.

Email Marketing

It’s more than just landing in a user’s inbox.  Rather, it’s about being intentional through strategy, timely with content, and innovative with technology. Email marketing is a direct communication that can be targeted, dynamic, automated, and measured.

Paid Advertising

Pay-per-click, pay-per-impression, display, influencer, etc. – the list goes on of the types of paid advertising available in today’s world.  Paid advertising is an effective strategy that allows your brand to capitalize on opportunities available through various channels to build awareness, educate prospects, and generate leads.

What is the difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing?

Digital marketing is pretty much anything that’s online or web-based: PPC, SEO, email, web design, etc. Traditional marketing is still seen as those offline marketing activities: print, direct mail, radio, TV, etc.

Why should I use digital marketing methods?

The world we live and function in is a digital one.  People are online.  Whether it’s on their phones, their tablets, or computers, people browse the internet and social media platforms 24/7.  The rise of social media has turned the traditional “word-of-mouth” advertising into a digital experience through platforms like Facebook and Yelp.  The bottom line is, if you want to reach large groups of people in an extremely targeted and inexpensive way, you need to be utilizing digital marketing.

How do I know what types of marketing I need to be doing?

Your marketing strategy should align with your business strategy. The culture of your brand should be reflected in both the methods and the content of your marketing. Don’t let this overwhelm you. We’re here to help!

I've tried digital marketing before, but didn't get any results. How do you know you'll be able to do better?

To get the best results from digital marketing you need three things: Expertise, Experience, Effort.

Marketing campaigns aren’t something that can be set and forgotten.  We are constantly monitoring campaigns and evaluating the analytics behind them.  This allows us to make changes as needed to increase performance.

To do this, we take the time to get to know your brand and your goals so that we can be effective with marketing.

I don't have a budget for digital marketing. How can I afford it?

Because we work with a lot of new and smaller brands, we get asked this question a lot.   The bottom line is, the internet is a busy place, and without a strategic approach, it can be easy to get lost in it.  It’s not enough to just be online anymore – consumers have to know your brand exists in order to become a customer.  That’s where marketing comes into play.  It builds brand awareness, educates and engages prospects, guides them through their evaluation of products and services, reassures customers of their decision to purchase, and builds customer loyalty and advocacy.  These are all things that every successful brand needs.

Digital agencies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and work with clients of all shapes and sizes.

At Raine Digital, we really love helping people succeed.  That’s why we’ve developed conservative digital marketing strategies to help clients with smaller budgets.  These very conservative strategies usually require between $500 to $1000 per month in the client marketing budget.


Tailored Solutions

We know that every brand’s strategy is different, and their marketing should be too.  While the principles of digital marketing stay the same, sometimes the methods and approaches vary.  This is why we tailor our marketing strategies to our clients’ needs on an individual basis.


More than Marketing

When you work with us, you get more than just a marketing agency.  We’re a full-service online agency that provides a variety of services.  This helps bring cohesiveness to your brand and maintain consistency throughout your online efforts.

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