Why Responsive Web Design is Critical for Local Marketing

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If you have a local business or are a local marketer, then it is crucial for you to understand why responsive web design is critical. If you don’t have a grasp of it, you could be leaving a lot of information and money on the table while your competitors gain an edge. Here is why it truly matters in today’s digital age:

More Prospects

If you have a great, responsive design on your site, then you can attract and keep more customers. Local customers are increasingly on mobile, as it is so easy today to pull out your phone and look for a specific kind of business near you using Google, Maps, Siri, or other mobile apps.

More SEO Juice

Google ranks your site in the organic search engines based on many different factors. One of the most significant factors that have been highlighted in recent years is how mobile friendly your site is. Google likes to see responsive web design because it tells them that you care about your customers. It also increases engagement, because of an easier to use site keeps people on the page longer, also boosting your SEO.

Better Chance at Conversions

Have you ever visited a site on mobile that wasn’t responding the way you wanted it to? You probably didn’t stay on the site long because it’s almost impossible to click on specific buttons and take the actions you want. This is exactly what your local customers are doing if your site isn’t up to par. It’s been studied that implementing better responsive web design can lead to better conversions. So if you want that, you need to design your site for responsiveness.

Better Data Picture

Google Analytics lets you track an impressive amount of data. You can see who is coming from what channels and how much they are converting. This knowledge, when properly examined and understood, can lead to some exciting improvements can be made to how you track your information. With a more proper web design layout, different elements will trigger when they are supposed to for maximum data storage.

Customers Love It

Customers do business with those they know, like, and trust. As a local service provider, your reputation is everything. If you start with the customer experience in mind from the top down, then you will build a reputation for being easy to do business with. This, in turn, will bring you more business than ever before.

When it comes to marketing, there are a lot of channels and devices to consider. However, you should put more time and attention into responsive web design than anything. This will allow you to capture more mobile traffic and create an experience that consumers love. Then, you can leverage this for more conversions and profit.


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