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5 Best Practices for Responding to Positive Business Reviews

Aug 18, 2021Reputation Management0 comments

Addressing positive reviews lets prospects know you care about more than just putting out reputation fires, but that you also genuinely appreciate their business and experience with your brand.  A review response is a perfect time to highlight the good qualities of the business and spread the good word about your products or services. The following tips will take you through how to respond to positive reviews as a local business.

Give Thanks

The number one thing any business should do when they respond to a positive review is to thank the customer.

Here’s an example response from a bakery: “Thanks for the great review, Tonia! A lot of love and hard work goes into our scones, so we’re glad you and your tastebuds enjoyed the experience!” 

Mention Your Business Name and Keywords

You want positive reviews to be seen by consumers searching your business. Repeating the business name and relevant keywords (like your product or service) in your response will improve the search ranking and get the positive feedback seen by other potential customers. 

Sprinkle in Some Marketing

Make the most of a positive review by throwing in a dash of marketing. You can mention a new feature, promotion, or even just some of the work that went into a great experience for your customer. 

Invite The Customer to Take Action

End your response by inviting your customer to take action with their review.  Suggesting a return visit for more great experiences, or asking them to share the review shows that you’re engaged in their satisfaction and care about the fact they trusted your business.

Share the Review

The last step in your response process is spreading the positive word. A positive review is free marketing material, so make the most of it by responding publicly and build brand credibility by sharing it on social media.

Bonus Tips:

Get personal: respond by including the reviewer’s name.
Be polite: keep it professional.
Respond quickly: it shows you care.
Commend staff publicly: when a reviewer thanks a staff member
Encourage more reviews: from your customers

We know that getting reviews and managing your online reputation can be time-consuming and overwhelming.  That’s why we’ve launched our Customer Voice App and Reputation Management App, both of which are available individually or you can take advantage of both in our Local Business Online Toolkit.



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