Quiet Confidence

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Confidence is one of the most underrated skills for any leader or professionals. Confident people not only believe in themselves, but they also inspire the trust of their clients and fellow team members. They know how to establish relationships, build rapport, and connect with others without coming across as self-centered, instead showing concern for others. 

While many leaders and professionals have an outgoing personality, you do not need to be an extrovert to let your confidence shine. People with quiet confidence not only gain more credibility with others, but they also project a charisma that attracts others to them. Want to learn how to project a quiet self-assurance? Consider the following.

Show, do not tell

Confident people focus on actions, results, and impact. They do not need to tell people what they are going to do. They know their actions will speak for themselves. Confident people also take pride in doing what is expected of them. If you consistently do your job well, you will not need to say much to be perceived as a skilled and confident leader. 


Keep the promises you make yourself

Quiet confidence is also about building trust in yourself. You can learn to trust yourself by setting and achieving mini goals for yourself. As you accomplish smaller goals over time, you will build the confidence that you have what it takes to achieve a bigger goal. You can keep yourself motivated by deciding on a small reward you will get when you achieve your goal. 


Banish the bragging

Far too often, people who brag have the lowest self-confidence. Those who brag about something before they have even accomplished it probably have the lowest self-assuredness. To radiate quiet confidence, you can feel proud of yourself and your contributions, but you should never be telling your team about all your accomplishments. Avoid the empty boasting to stand out as a confident professional.  


Embrace yourself as you are

Nobody is perfect. Do not try to present yourself as flawless. Instead, accept yourself. Give yourself grace and compassion. Mistakes will happen. What counts is how you handle them. It is important to note that building self-acceptance takes time, but it is always worth it. 


Own your decisions

Confident people do not feel the need to over explain themselves, and they never apologize for their thoughts. They make their decisions and own them without relying on external approval. Get comfortable with your choices and know that others may not always understand your viewpoint. The more you own your decisions and refrain from back-tracking, the quieter self-confidence you will display. 

 You do not need a loud, in-your-face display of confidence to show your value. Quiet confidence comes from doing your job consistently well, holding yourself accountable and feeling comfortable in your own skin. And this will help you thrive. 


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