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Common Leadership Mistakes to Stop Making Today

Mar 26, 2021Business Development, Coaching, Professional Relationships0 comments

There are many good leaders. But how many great leaders are there? There are many leadership habits and characteristics we can improve to better lead our teams. To correct our bad habits, we need to know that they exist.
If you are wondering if you have developed any bad leadership habits, read on. 

Stop trying to outshine everyone else

As a leader, it is your job to coach and guide your team. It is not your job to make sure everyone else knows why you are in charge or be concerned with your title. Leaders should stop trying to be the smartest person in every (Zoom) room and instead focus on helping their team members grow smarter, more confident and their skillset. 

Stop relying on an open-door policy

It is important to make yourself accessible to your team members. but you should not require them to cross your threshold—digital or otherwise—to engage with you. Try going to where your team members are. Meet them in their environment. Fit your communication style to match theirs. 

Stop delegating talent recruitment

Many leaders outsource their talent recruitment, which can save time. Yet, this does not demonstrate strong leadership. The best leaders become great at identifying solid talent. Work to build a portfolio of potential team members you can call when a role becomes open and always be on the lookout for exceptional professionals. 

Stop oversimplifying strategy

Too many leaders try to boil down complex ideas into cliches, such as, “Our strategy is like a cheeseburger.” Team members will wonder if they were the cheese, lettuce, or bun. Instead of extremely simplifying strategy (which no one appreciates), work to engage your team members during the strategy process. When you show them how they play a role in it, they will be more likely to share input and process how to bring the strategy to life. 

Stop creating meaningless goals

Too many leaders create professional goals for their employees that are written in corporate speak and mean little to the employees. Instead, try to commit to better goals by working with your team members (individually) to identify the skills, experiences and opportunities that can help them reach new levels. 

Stop using vague rules for success

High-performing teams know their core values. They tap into them when a new member joins the team and when the going gets tough. No one must second guess what is important. Leaders should try to not assume corporate values are enough. Take the time to work with your team and write the specific rules for success. Be sure to define expected behaviors for challenging situations, too. 

Stop wasting time on status updates

When you meet with team members one-on-one, do not take up time with status updates. These are always in the toolbox of the lazy leader. Instead, attempt using the meeting to zero in on significant issues or challenges confronting you or your team. 
As a leader, you may have fallen into some bad habits. Some of these tendencies may have snuck up on you without your even realizing it. If you can relate to any of the habits above, think about how you can switch course to show up in a better way for your team and your organization. And this will help you thrive. 


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