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What Do You Do When You Lose a Client?

Oct 29, 2020Business Development, Professional Relationships0 comments

is always challenging to see a client or team member go. It takes a lot more effort to win new customers than retain your current clients. No matter how much you may nurture and care for your existing clients, they still sometimes decide to part ways.

If you know how to re-engage with and learn from lapsed customers, you can sometimes prevent losing them for good.

Survey your clients.

When someone is interested in working with you, get some information from them through a survey or poll. The beginning of a client’s relationships with you is a great time to learn why they chose you instead of your competitors. You can use this information to keep them involved with relevant content and offers. You can also use the information to re-engage them if they lapse. When you know what they like about you or your business, you can remind them. To be clear, this is not bragging, but rather refreshing their memory as to why they chose you in the first place.

Send messages when potential clients click away.

When customers abandon their cart or leave your site without buying anything (and they do this all the time), reach out to them to learn what may have caused them to lapse. Sometimes, potential customers are just procrastinating. Sometimes they get distracted. When you can give them a quick reminder of what they were viewing, you increase the chances of bringing them on board.

Target Your Marketing

Work to target your marketing. You want to stay visible to a lapsed customer. One way to do this is to use targeted ads or retargeted ads through social media. Even if you do not make a sale right away or even a click, it will help make sure your lapsed customers do not forget about you.

Make Use of Content Marketing

Make use of content marketing. When you provide entertaining, educational, and relevant content through blogs and videos, you can often persuade lapsed customers to re-engage with your company. The key is to provide useful tips and tricks that show you understand your audience. Additionally, when demonstrating consistency in your efforts, you help build trust and respect with potential buyers. Content marketing allows you to demonstrate that you are the expert. This then reminds buyers of what they would miss if they went elsewhere.

Send reminder messages.

It is essential to be aware of and attend to customers who have stopped making regular purchases or those who have not resubscribed to your services. Once a customer leaves, they are less likely to come back. You may consider sending a friendly reminder to check out what is new or to resubscribe. While you are showing that you do not want customers to be inconvenienced by not making a purchase, you can still demonstrate your dedication to customer service.

Always look for feedback.

Try to learn why customers have lapsed. The more you know, the better you can work to address issues and reduce your churn rate. It can be difficult to get feedback from clients who are leaving, particularly if they had a negative experience. That is why you should always make it a goal to make it easy and quick for them to provide feedback, whether it is a text survey or a few multiple-choice questions sent via email.

Unless your customers are leaving because a project organically ends, you have an opportunity to add value and demonstrate to them what you can provide. Begin by always surveying your customers, so you know why they chose to work with you. Then, be sure to stay in front of them with useful content and helpful reminders. Finally, ask for feedback on what you could have done better. By improving the customer journey, you can ensure more of your customers stay–and this will help you thrive.

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