Six Characteristics of a Great Logo

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So often, we sign a new client that comes to us saying, “we need a logo refresh to our brand because….”. Sometimes the reasons are, it’s too busy, or people don’t understand what it represents, or it looks outdated. For this reason, we always encourage new and existing brands to test their logo against best practices.

So, what makes a great logo?


  1. Is it simple?

A great logo should be easily recognizable to the consumer. Why? Simple logos are easily remembered. Complicated and busy logos just get lost in the noise, hindering your ability to build visual brand recognition within your market(s).


  1. Is it scalable?

A great logo should be just as legible and recognizable when it’s scaled-down small enough to fit on a sticker or business card, as well as when it’s blown up large enough to display on a billboard. Great design will ensure it looks good at any size, and proper vector file types make sure it doesn’t lose any resolution as it scales. 


  1. Is it memorable?

A great logo should leave an impression. The goal of a logo is to perpetuate your brand’s visual identity. You want to capture a viewer’s attention and leave an impression, making it easier for them to recall at a later time (ideally, when they need your products or services).  


  1. Is it versatile?

A great logo should function well on the web and in print. This means the colors have to work in RGB color mode (screens) and CMYK color mode (print). It should also be able to function on various types of backgrounds, both light, and dark. This is why some brands have a primary and secondary logo, perhaps exchanging white and black typography as needed.


  1. Is it relevant?

A great logo should be relevant to your company, your target audience, and your industry. It should visually represent who you are and what you do.


  1. Is it consistent?

A great logo should be consistent with the rest of your visual brand representations. Colors and typography should match your website, business cards, and any other marketing materials you put out there.



Not sure if your logo makes the cut? Reach out to us for a Free Brand Audit that includes this and so much more!


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