Components of a Successful Culture

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You could be doing all the right things at your organization, but if your people are not reaching their potential, you have not built a collaborative culture of success. It takes a commitment from everyone on your team to work together, stay accountable, and understand how individual behaviors and actions impact the bottom line.


Be transparent.

If you want to create a confident, forward-looking team, you must be transparent. Provide regular feedback. Do not let anyone wonder where they stand in terms of goals or objectives. This can be achieved by proactively keeping your team on track and focused on the right key performance indicators, objectives, and key results. Let them know when they are doing well and how they can improve (see Kim Scott’s Radical Candor for more on this). Don’t be afraid to try different strategies and decision-making practices, such as one-on-one coaching sessions or competitions, to re-energize the team. 


 Be Accountable.

Holding team members accountable means clearly defining expectations and commitments upfront, so everyone is on the same page. Doing this will prevent interpersonal issues and problems in general from arising down the line. While it isn’t easy to have difficult conversations, you must be willing to bring up challenges to your team and their results if you want to create a healthy and robust culture. Hold your team accountable to their commitments. 


 Provide motivation.

Get to know your team members individually so you can understand what drives them. Not everyone is driven by the same thing. Some team members may appreciate a gift card, while others may prefer a free day off. Competition is also vital in creating a thriving collaborative culture. Team members’ ambitions may feel ignited by competing with others on the team to win a contest. Aim to provide a mix of individual-based and team-based competitions to keep things fresh. You may also consider looking at their Love Languages to learn how to best connect with them. 


Offer recognition.

Celebrate the big and the small wins on your team. By recognizing the small victories, you keep the energy up and help guide your team to bigger achievements. You can celebrate small successes such as someone hitting their daily goals for the first time or someone increasing their production or sales by 10%. When it comes to the actual recognition, look for ways to reward the behavior in the moment. Slack is a great way to send a quick congratulations, and it allows you to celebrate team members wherever they may work. 


Always be developing your team.

Development is the final key to building a successful organizational culture. Team leaders should always strive to develop their team, whether that is providing opportunities for peer learning, individual coaching sessions, or providing access to online training. Employees who know you are invested in them are often happier and more productive, making them more likely to perform at their best. 

 A great team culture does not happen on its own. To bring out the best in your team, aim to be transparent with expectations while holding everyone accountable. Learn what motivates your people individually and how you can best develop each team member. Always be sure to celebrate the victories, the big and the small, to keep your team engaged and excited—and you will thrive.



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