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Warm Prospects

Sep 18, 2020Business Development, Sales0 comments

Cold calling is prospecting. It involves reaching out to someone who might not currently be interested in your programs or services. They may need your product or services but have not budgeted for them. This kind of outreach usually is not enjoyable for anyone involved. Most professionals would much rather contact qualified leads—those people who have indicated a previous interest and could very well become buyers. In the spectrum of sales, there is a middle ground between the two; this middle ground is a warm prospect. A warm prospect is not necessarily a cold prospect but may not be fully qualified yet. Still, warm prospects are worth pursuing because they may not know you offer what they are looking for.


A Closer Look at Different Types of Prospects

How do you determine a warm prospect? You offer a unique solution to a specific pain point. There are three types of calls to make to potential customers.


The first is a cold call because they have never heard of your business. 


The second is a qualified lead because they have visited the company’s pricing page multiple times over the past few weeks. This type has usually read your blogs and demonstrated that they have the budget to utilize your product or services.


The third is somewhere in between the two—hence, a warm prospect. This is a small or midsized company that has started following you on social media. They know about your company; however, you are unsure who is in charge of purchasing decisions. 


Why It Pays to Pursue Warm Prospects

You should always contact warm prospects because they have an interest in and awareness of your services. Warm prospects may even have provided their contact information, whether they gave their email address in exchange for a downloadable e-book or offered their phone number for a printable checklist. You should capitalize on this—even if it is only passing along an email with a helpful tip. Doing this could be just the thing that helps guide warm prospects through your sales funnel. 


To see more success, it helps to know the kind of prospects you are contacting. Not everyone is aware of you or your business, while others might be qualified leads. 


The warm prospects—those who have already been receptive to your marketing—require a different approach. Remember that they are more likely to convert than a cold prospect, making them well worth the pursuit. Remember this–and thrive.


Looking for guidance on how to reach your warm prospects? Our coaching services can help you make a connection. 


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