Your team probably has a few hidden leaders—people who provide influence and leadership, without the formal title or authority. They get their jobs done, are influential, and are well-liked by their peers. They contribute much to your team’s success and should not remain hidden. Actively looking for the leaders on your team and raising their visibility will help you develop and maximize their talents. 


Know the worker bee.

These team members often quietly do their jobs without needing much supervision or asking many questions. They can be depended on to deliver on their responsibilities on time and on budget. While worker bees often meet every expectation, they are often overlooked and sometimes forgotten when applauding a victory. While many prefer to stay out of the spotlight, you should still take time to thank them and show your appreciation for their valuable contributions. 


The second in command.

While not the team leader or even the co-captain, the second in command plays an essential role in team successes. These team members probably provide specialized knowledge at your organization. While they may not work in highly visible leadership positions, they bring crucial skills to the table. Leaders should not overlook the second in command on any team.


Remember the sidekick.

Have you considered those employees who may not have an outgoing personality or may not get much time speaking in meetings? They do not get the visibility and recognition that those bigger personalities get, even though they do similar work and get similar results. It is frustrating to be viewed as a sidekick—someone who is highly capable on their own but gets overshadowed by someone else. Some of your best leaders may be your sidekicks. 


What about the philanthropist?

These are the people on your team who give away the credit for success. They do not celebrate their victory. Instead, they downplay their role and turn the spotlight on others. Humility is important. Yet, these workers often sabotage themselves by minimizing their contributions. Leaders should look for the philanthropists on their team. Chances are, they are doing exceptional work but give the accolades to their colleagues. 


Do not forget the sentry.

These employees are focused on work. They seldom take a break to join others for coffee or lunch. As such, they deliver superior results but are not visible unless someone specifically seeks them out. The sentry makes valuable contributions. However, due to their work habits, they may never advance in their career if no one notices their efforts. 


Hidden leaders are likely all around you. Imagine what would happen if you work to raise their visibility, increase their influence, and change any misconceptions about them. Take time to cultivate those talented individuals on your team who may not have an official leadership position but bring tremendous value to your organization. This simple act will change your culture; it will affect how stakeholders view your brand and help you thrive.


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