Why Include Video in Your Marketing Emails?

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Getting people to subscribe to enjoy and value your content is important. They subscribe because it makes them feel involved. They are now part of what is going on. Whether you are a podcaster, a retail store, or offer professional services, people want to feel and know they are part of your business. This shows you care about them. And this creates a stronger relationship with them. 


Therefore, video email marketing is such an effective strategy. With a simple embed and subject line, you can build stronger relationships with customers, generate leads, and strengthen the content behind your brand.


Video email marketing is simply including videos in email marketing. You can use many tools to do this, such as Loom or, if you’re unsure about how to do that, HubSpot has a quick tutorial here.


Because video is a prevalent medium in marketing (in fact, 83% of marketers feel its importance is only growing), including it in your email marketing can engage your subscribers and increase your conversions. Additionally, over 80% of businesses use video in their marketing efforts. This is because video creates faster and better results in a world with limited attention due to all the information we receive. While using video in email can seem like a taboo topic, it can be amazingly effective.


By using video, you can tap into the imagination of an audience that absorbs information visually — sometimes, text just does not do it. With video, you have a chance to make dense topics more compelling for your audience. This is especially true for people who learn visually.

Videos can dramatically increase the click-through rate (CTR).


For example, B2B software company Igloo Software decided to show off their workplace culture by creating 200 videos in three months for future email content. This approach doubled their CTR.


This is one way to use video in email marketing—showcase your brand in email and use it to increase CTR. We have six more, which we will explore below.


What does video emailing do for you?

  • Video in emails can be a bonus to surprise and engage your subscribers.
  • Video makes email a more personalized experience.
  • Video helps display company culture.
  • Video helps announce a special event.
  • Video can reveal a new product line launch.
  • Video can be part of newsletters.
  • Video can move leads along as part of their customer journey.


Consider using emails to give subscribers bonus content. Email subscribers are likely to enjoy a variety of your content, so going the extra mile with a surprise bonus could delight your audience. 


For example, if you share weekly newsletters about Instagram content, you can add a link for early access to a live webinar you are hosting about Instagram Stories at the end of the month. This way, you can build interest in the event, keep subscribers in the loop about things going on within your company, and give them an incentive to keep checking your emails. Additionally, it demonstrates that you are interested in them being involved.


If you have a backlog of video content, you should consider using that to your advantage and sending personalized emails. Maybe someone watches a portion of a video on your website that they do not finish, and you are noticing this is a pattern when you analyze your website data. You could automate so that the video is automatically sent to remind that user to finish. From a business perspective, this means more clicks for you, a better relationship with the customer, and more views on videos.


If you are struggling with thinking of out-of-the-box ideas for email content that shows off company personality, consider heading to YouTube. What better way to show subscribers the culture in your company than going straight to the source? Customers and clients want a relationship, let them know who you truly are.


Email marketing does not have to be a blatant show of products. Sometimes, you can subtly promote your products within a display of company culture. Try experimenting with a blend of public-facing content to promote your brand. 


If your company hosts events, whether internal or external, take videos of the events for a recap to send subscribers. This way, you can give subscribers a taste of how your brand works in-action and build interest in your company’s events overall.


If you send videos to announce products or services, clients, customers, and prospects will be more engaged with your offering. This will create more engagement and interest.


If you are launching a new product in the upcoming quarter, it might be a good idea to include email subscribers in the pre-launch phase. Consider, if you are launching a chat flow bot as part of a CRM update, let email subscribers know first. That way, dedicated customers can express their interest in the product and bring in that word-of-mouth marketing


If you are giving subscribers scheduled newsletters, add video. There are many ways to include video in newsletters so they can be significant. Video-heavy businesses can benefit from newsletter video embeds so subscribers can catch up on content they may have missed—especially if your subscribers prefer watching over reading.


Another way to use video in newsletters is to round-up popular videos in your industry. If your company does not do many videos, this is a potential avenue for you. Alternatively, if a team member is interested in a routine video schedule, try filming a round-up of weekly content in video-form.


For instance, if there was a commercial that rocked your industry recently, include that video in your newsletter with a corresponding blog post about your thoughts to increase traffic on your blog.


Email marketing is not just limited to loyal customers; it also nurtures leads. Just use workflows in your CRM to automate videos that will move them along the customer journey. This works with forms you can add right into that video. 


These forms might give your sales team enough information to follow up with interested customers. Or, allow leads to watch your latest crash course in SEO link building—in exchange for the completed form fields, of course. 


Think about piloting a video email marketing campaign for conversion. If you download viewing data, you can see how to tweak video content to further entertain your customers. 


Formatting is super essential in emails, and it starts with the subject line. As a consumer, if I see an email with a call to action in the subject line, I’m immediately more interested in the email because calls to action stick out to me and feel more inviting since they involve me.


Try including “video” or a corresponding emoji in your subject line to entice subscribers to open it. You will likely want to A/B test a variety of subject lines, in the beginning, to figure out what your readers prefer.


Another important formatting tip is to embed the video in the email in a place that keeps readers interested. Putting videos at the beginning of an email is a good idea but placing it near the end invites readers to keep reading to understand the video better.


Video is an incredible way to engage subscribers, old and new. People will prioritize emails with video over other emails. If it sounds hectic to produce new videos for email campaigns, think about using the ones you already have. You may be able to repurpose them into great content for your audience.


Consider adding video to your email campaigns. We can help, and you can thrive.

If you’re interested in how to take this next step in your email marketing, let us know!


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