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No matter how long you have worked in a collaborative environment, chances are, you have picked up a bad habit or two. You might not be aware of these bad habits, or you may even think these bad habits are strengths rather than hindrances. Regardless, bad habits can undermine your efforts and negatively impact your bottom line. 


The first step in breaking bad habits is knowing how to change. Once you know how you are holding yourself back, you can work on adopting new practices.


Following up poorly (or not at all) is something we are all guilty of. You should always start something with the intention to finish it. By not following up or failing to follow up consistently, you are missing out on sales. 


Do not get bogged down with busywork. It is designed to keep you busy–not productive. Remember that your biggest commodity is your time. Many professionals spend time checking email, taking phone calls, and browsing online when they should be spending time on high-value tasks. How much revenue your company generates is up to you. Commit to being highly productive with your time to boost your bottom line.


Get out of your comfort zone.  Smart leaders know that opportunities lie outside their comfort zone. This is where growth occurs. You cannot achieve growth or progress without stretching and going beyond your normal boundaries. 


To be successful, you need to show that you are qualified. The best teams have a solid understanding of the process to determine who the decision-makers are. They know that not everyone can be a decision-maker. You can differentiate yourself as an expert with your questioning. Always investigate and dive in to get the information you need to qualify prospects. 


You do not win opportunities on price, but on the value you create. Instead of offering deep discounts, show precisely what problem you are solving and what value you bring. Many times, the price objection will disappear. 


Be prepared. Do your homework. You may have fallen into a bad habit if you feel like you never need to practice. While role-play is typically not a favorite activity, it is highly effective for every meeting and presentation. Rehearse before going into a call or meeting, so you know how to respond. 


Most of your success is in your hands. By taking time to reflect on detrimental habits you may have developed, you can take the first step at making positive changes. When you start to replace bad habits with good ones, you will notice exceptional results in your bottom line–and you will thrive.

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