Marketing Channel Spotlight: Text Message Marketing

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SMS (short message service), aka text message, can be leveraged as an effective marketing channel to bring into your overall marketing strategy.


Similar to email marketing, SMS is a permission-based marketing method often used to send alerts, coupons, promotions, and company updates to customers or clients who have opted in.


As a permission-based channel, consumers have to give consent to be marketed to on this channel. One of the best ways to gain this permission from your customers and prospects is to incorporate it into other communication methods. This can be accomplished as easily as adding a checkbox to contact and email subscription forms where you collect phone numbers. Often, you may also obtain phone numbers and permission using contests or text keywords for users to opt-in with a shortcode you’ve set up for your brand on whatever text message marketing platform you choose.


Does Text Message Marketing Work as part of your marketing mix?

The short answer is: Absolutely!

We have the statistics to back this up.


  • 95% of texts are read within five minutes! That’s an open rate that doesn’t exist on any other marketing channel we have available today.
  • Americans send over 26 billion text messages per day.
  • The average person checks their phone approximately 150 times per day. 
  • 22% of text messages get forwarded when a consumer finds the content valuable.


Why Leverage Text Message or SMS Marketing in Your Marketing Mix?


Mass Reach. Over five billion people around the world have a mobile device. The mass number of users and the frequency at which they check their phones makes this a prime channel for brands to leverage.


Immediate Reach. Text messages take less than 10 seconds to be delivered making SMS Marketing an unrivaled channel when it comes to efficiency and speed of delivery.


Guaranteed Reach. Unlike email marketing, Text Messages don’t bounce or find themselves in a junk or spam folder. This makes text message marketing a no-brainer for most brands.


Popular Types of Text Message Marketing

  1. Brand Updates
    Texts can be a great way to keep consumers, staff, or partners in the loop on the things they care most about concerning your company.

  2. Flash Sales
    With the speed of delivery and high open rates of messages, SMS marketing is a great way to promote flash sales.

  3. Time-Sensitive Promotions
    Create a sense of urgency with time-sensitive deals. This can be especially effective for brick and mortar locations to get people in the door.

  4. Coupon Delivery
    Who doesn’t love saving money? SMS is a great way to deliver coupons to your customer base for use either online, offline, or both!

  5. Birthday Gifts
    Delivering a coupon or gift to your customers on their birthday is a great way to make them feel special. Doing so via text message helps ensure your gift doesn’t get lost in their inbox.

  6. Alerts
    Product launches or restocks of popular items are things your customers want to hear about. Keep them in the loop via SMS Marketing to keep them coming back for more!

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