Reaching Your Business Goals

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Business leaders know all about setting goals. They understand the best goals meet at the intersection of achievable and challenging. When you achieve your goals, you are often rewarded with more revenue, bonuses for your team, and the ability to grow. 


It is a steep road. Many people and businesses do not end up accomplishing what they set out to achieve because they are afraid, lack the motivation, or do not have a plan to transform their goals into reality. The Statistic Brain Research Institute reports that 92% of people fall short of their goals. 


If we want to achieve our goals and acquire the successful business and life we envision, we must start by feeling joy in our careers now. Part of this is seeing the meaning and purpose in our work. It begins by bringing your best self to work and doing the best job you can; this is excellence, not perfection. 


There are six easy ways you can do this:


  1. Establish goals you can get behind. Make sure you set goals you and your people believe in. You can dream big, but recognize small steps are needed to take the long journey. Keep a positive mindset. Tell yourself, “I know I can do great work” or “I’m on the right track and excited to keep going.”


  1. Know why you have established your goals. You can set lofty goals for yourself, but you need to recognize why they matter to you. Write down why each goal is important, as well as the metric to recognize when you are achieving the goal. Take the time to consider the steps needed to get there as well as the possible places you may get sidetracked. When you get to the feeling you are after, contemplate how your life and business will change when you achieve your goal.   


  1. Go for goals that energize you. Do your goals constrict you or make you feel energized? When you feel expansive, you are more open to allowing all the possibilities and opportunities to flow to you. This process will motivate you to pursue the goal with more clarity and purpose.


  1. Envision that you have already achieved your goals. It is a powerful exercise to imagine the life you want is already a reality. Envision the future for your business and yourself. This visualization helps thoughts and feelings develop in your mind, which moves these goals closer to reality. For example, instead of saying, “I hope to have my social media following by 1,000 people in a year,” say, “I am going to increase my social media following by 1,000 in a year on every platform.”


  1. Stay flexible. When setting goals that you can achieve, plan for daily action steps but give yourself room to adapt and adjust as situations change. There will be unrecognized easy steps as well as exceedingly challenging steps. Be ready to alter your path as needed. Professionals need to be open to any ideas for positive, forward-moving action that may lead to even better recommendations. If these ideas come after a failure, consider it a valuable learning experience.


  1. Appreciate the setbacks. They might not seem like it in the moment, but setbacks can make you stronger. Again, these are learning opportunities that should be embraced. Do not give up when you come to a hurdle. Trust the big picture; learn to flow through the ups and downs as they come. Doing this will help you emotionally and allow you to reach your goals.


Whatever goals you may have in mind for the next half of the year, year, or five years, know that you have what it takes to achieve them. Envision your business and personal life. Let your goals energize you and remember to stay fluid as things change. When you remain focused on your goals and envision your life as though you have achieved them, anything is possible. 


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