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Jun 19, 2020Business Development0 comments

Why is it we seem to struggle so much to ask for help or accept help when it is offered? Is there a place in our mind that makes us believe we do not need it? Does it make me look weak or stupid? is it just foolish pride? I have dealt with all the feelings in my personal and professional life and I have accepted that just makes me human.

You must humble yourself to ask for or accept help from others. However, demonstrating that humility puts the needs of others and your organization above your pride.

The reality is that asking for help and allowing others to help you is good. It benefits the person being helped and the helper. This allows substantial value to be added to the work you are doing. It provides the opportunity to create, learn, and do something new while offering a chance to reflect on another perspective.

Allowing someone to help you shows you believe they can add value that is both needed and wanted. To do this you should ask for help in a way that maximizes the value to everyone involved. First, you need to be sure you are asking the right person. When you ask, you need to make sure you are clear about the scope and time frame you are looking at. Typically, teams within organizations want to help each other to succeed, if not then there is something very wrong with the culture.

There are times of course that you should not accept the help of someone else, particularly when their help stands a good chance of reducing your chances of success. When things do not go well, ask for feedback. It may be that the scope was not clear.

As a leader, show your team that you are willing to ask for help from people who are better versed in your challenge. At the same time be generous with the help you offer others. The most successful organizations are the ones where people are helping each other proactively and that feel safe enough to ask for help.

Accepting or asking for help is sometimes a little uncomfortable, it can make us feel vulnerable and weak. However, allowing others to help you is a strength because you provide an opportunity for value add, growth, and learning. The person who helps gets the benefit of your gratitude and your telling others about how helpful they are.

Ask for help. Offer help. And thrive.


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