Perspective is simply how we see things. In business, often success and failure are about perspective. Sometimes quick successes take you into long term failure, while short term setbacks lead to long term wins.

There are times we celebrate the signing of a new client. But over the course or our relationship with that client, we lose money. There are several reasons for this. Did we have a clear understanding of the client’s expectations? Did we communicate clearly with and listen to the client? And what can we learn from this experience.

Shifting your business mindset can help you. You need to find and maintain the perspective that helps you make the best decisions. Before you do that, you must identify what is holding your business back.

Building a strong, successful business is an excruciating slow race. It is a marathon, and every step needs to be slow and steady. This is unlike a sprint where every step and every second counts. You have time to pivot as needed.

We learn more from failure than success. We only grow when we are uncomfortable. Embrace the inevitable failures. They are merely isolated incidents on your journey.

Short term failure is a norm not an exception. Let them go. Holding on to those failures makes our lives and our businesses more difficult. Consider that sometimes, things are not in our control, we need to accept that and work with it.

Remember the small wins. While recognizing the milestones your business has not yet reached, celebrate everything that goes well. While strategically planning the next year, set up weekly targets to keep you on track to achieve your goals.

As you complete your tasks and come up with new ideas, you will have a different perspective on our business. A better perspective. A better way to see things. And this will help you thrive.


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