On Ambiguity

Jun 9, 2020Coaching0 comments

Ambiguity is defined by dictionary.com as “doubtfulness or unclear in meaning or intention.” In much of the media today, it’s intentional. It helps us to make poor decisions in what we eat or what buy. It influences what we think and how we react without giving us the all of the information. We are bombarded with information every day.

If it is the news media, the bias will depend on where you are getting the news from. When scrolling through your social media feeds, you are influenced by who you follow. Watching something on TV? You are influenced by comments about current events and product placement.

With all of the ambiguous messaging, how do you get heard above the noise? You have to stand out. Get straight to the point and clearly demonstrate the value that you offer. This is about intention. Be informative and do not leave any question in the minds of your audience, clients or customers. If you focus on a clear message, you will be understood. When you are understood you stand above the noise.


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