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Making the Necessary Pivots: A New Direction for Raine Digital

Feb 28, 2020Company Updates0 comments

“Do not be constrained by your present reality.” – Leonardo DaVinci

Relationships are the foundation of any successful business. At least, that’s what we believe at Raine Digital. Successful brands are built on trust and respect, then managed by a mutual appreciation of each other’s values. And no matter how many and how strong our relationships are, we always seek new opportunities to build relationships within our community that go beyond marketing. 

With this mentality ingrained in our culture, we find and secure tremendous opportunities for ourselves, the businesses we work with, and our community. How? Because we look for the potential in everything, no matter how small, to spark a positive impact. We are founded on the belief that businesses and the entrepreneurial spirit behind them promise economic and social security for everyone in their community. Because of this, we aren’t afraid to question the reality of what our marketing agency is and address our limits.

With this, we’re excited to announce that we’re making a pivot from just another marketing firm to a full-suite business development firm.We pledge to dedicate our efforts and resources to growing brands that will better our community. While this still means helping our client’s marketing efforts, this is only one piece of the puzzle.. We will also help businesses scale, develop their leadership teams, create their culture, streamline their communications, and build their teams. 

For Transparency

First, to be completely transparent, we want to define what we mean by “community.” While the majority of our team calls Phoenix home, we would not like to limit our definition of community to Arizona alone. We believe our community is any place we have set down roots, and anywhere we build relationships that intentionally help other businesses grow. By this definition, we currently call Nashville, Chicago, and Minneapolis ‘home’, as well as Phoenix because, at the end of the day, location doesn’t matter. We are here to develop all the brands we partner with to ensure the people they reach and the places our clients call home thrive

We believe business development is the long-term success and value we provide our colleagues, clients, communities, and anyone else we partner with. By our definition of business development, we approach a brand’s growth and scalability from a holistic philosophy.  We understand that true business development isn’t just increased sales and revenue, but includes all aspects of the organization, such as their market, products, positioning, leadership, values, purpose, and culture. When these foundational pillars are strong within a brand, growth and scalability are more sustainable.

Why We’re Making This Pivot

Short answer, we’re making this pivot to ensure we create long-term value for everyone we impact. Long-term value is generally thought of in terms of money, specifically to make as much of it as possible. We want to expand this mindset to include accessing resources and opportunities. Of course, businesses can’t survive without positive cash flow. But cash-flow cannot happen, let alone increase, without access to the necessary resources and opportunities to improve your product, compete in your market, and expand your reach. That is why Raine Digital extends our constant-growing network as well as our service to ensure long-term value to our partners and communities.. 

We believe our communities should be inclusive for everyone, including nonprofits, for-profits, and individuals. With this pivot, we are intentionally fostering the right relationships, securing new opportunities, and developing businesses that will help our community succeed.


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