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Raine Gives Back

Nov 1, 2019Company Updates0 comments

Raine Digital exists because we believe we can make the world a better place while fostering meaningful relationships and delivering top-quality services to our clients. We partner with amazing business leaders, help companies make a measurable impact in their home community and empower them to grow their local economies. To better do this, our firm made a decision earlier this year to launch a Print Division.    

But it’s not all good news! A few months after launching our new division, we sent out a sizable order of business cards for print. And as those rare business horror stories go, this order included a typo that neither we, or our client, caught until after they were delivered.

We quickly addressed the issue by placing a revised set in production on rush.  Our client was super incredibly understanding about the mistake and appreciated how efficiently the Raine team resolved it.  

A few days later, we received an email from this client. With the new set of business cards ordered, she wanted to express how sad she was not at the mistake, but the environmental impact. Our client, a digital innovator, hates paper waste and has made incredible efforts to ensure her firm is as paperless as possible. She requested that we implement systems to prevent similar mistakes in the future and minimize the waste of our planet’s resources. 

Our client was absolutely right, and we assured her that we were taking every possible step to ensure something like this would never happen again. We identified the root cause in our internal systems and client proofing processes and implemented stricter quality controls. 

We initially thought these efforts were sufficient. However, soon after, wildfires started to destroy the Amazon Rainforest. As our team talked about what was happening, our client’s environmental concerns came back loudly into our conversations. Preventing the same mistake from happening again was not enough. We needed to take responsibility for our business’s environmental impact and make a conscious effort to make the world a better place. 

Effective immediately, Raine Digital promises to plant a tree with the nonprofit One Tree Planted every time we fulfill a print order, starting with that typo’d set of business cards and their replacements. This means if your business orders a single set of business cards, we will plant a tree. If your business orders a set of business cards for all 100 of your employees, then we will plant 100 trees. 

This initiative is founded on our values. As such, the cost will not impact our print prices but will come from our profit margins, rather than be put on our customers. We will also notify every customer when their trees are planted, as well as provide updates each quarter for how many trees we have planted since starting this initiative to maintain accountability. 

We want to thank our clients for not only their understanding but for inspiring us to do better. 


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