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Why Data Cleaning Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Jul 19, 2019Marketing, Strategy0 comments

Successful marketing campaigns rely on data, but in order for that data to be useful to the company, data cleansing is vital.

Data cleansing is the process of removing any duplicate data, incorrect or improperly formatted, or incomplete data, so you’re left with only the most relevant, high-quality data available to run your campaigns.

By ensuring your data collections are routinely cleansed of useless information, you can simplify data analysis and build a more effective marketing campaign. Strong marketing campaigns rely on up-to-date data that accurately reflects the current trends of the business and its customers. Incorrect, duplicate, or outdated data doesn’t provide useful insights to businesses and instead can bog down their data analysis, making it more inefficient and less effective. 

One of the most common issues with “dirty data” in regards to marketing is outdated information.  For example, you might rely on customer avatars to define targeted audiences for advertising campaigns.  However, if those avatars are outdated, or based on the market several years ago, this can result in less effective campaigns which leads to an increased cost per lead, and an increase in less qualified leads.

From another perspective, approximately 30% of data in the average company’s CRM goes bad each year.  This can result in consumers moving without updating their mailing address, changing their email address, etc., making it impossible for you to stay in front of them and build brand awareness.  By making an effort to keep your database up to date, you can avoid spending marketing dollars on “ghost” consumers.


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