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Jan 4, 2019Business Development0 comments

If you have been following Raine Digital for even a little bit of time, you will quickly discern that we love what we do. We believe in marketing. We love helping and working with business owners who have big dreams and goals.

However, a few months ago we discovered part of the formula that we were missing and since then, not only has our productivity skyrocketed, but we have fallen in love with what we do all over again.

We had the what, and the WHY, the when and even the how but we were greatly missing the WHERE. For the most part, we worked from home, or coffee shops or even sometimes the car when we were in between client meetings or driving around the city.

A couple of months ago we discovered the absolute joy that has been working at CO+HOOTS. CO+HOOTS is a co-working office, and we have the great pleasure of working with other entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners. Sure there are the logical benefits of having an office in Downtown Phoenix, like the convenient location, receptionists to sign for packages and greet our visitors, all the “normal” stuff like that.

What really makes coming to work great is the people we get to work with. Often, as freelancers and small businesses working out of a house or coffee shop, you sometimes forget how much you miss working with people. Seeing people around the office, saying hi to random people, or even the dogs that occasionally grace the halls here, all factor into making the workday more enjoyable.

Add to that the conversations with amazing people who have lived amazing lives and done incredible things with their own businesses who are more than happy to stand around a water cooler or beer keg and just talk. The afternoon fitness minutes, that we do, not because we really want to, but because we know we should and there are people encouraging us to be better humans.

The absolute best thing about CO+HOOTS, however, is their acceptance of everyone. We are a woman-owned business, our vice president is Hispanic, yet not only are we welcomed with our differences, but we are also celebrated because of them. Many of the people here have had numerous businesses and know exactly what they need to do in their day to day life to be successful, others are just starting out, and haven’t quite figured it out quite yet; each of these two groups of people are accepted and cherished here.

If you are struggling in your business, not if your business is struggling, but you personally are struggling with your day today – be it motivation, distractions, or just plain need some social interaction, then look into changing up where you work.

If you are in the Phoenix Area, come see us at CO+HOOTS are we will show you around. If you somewhere else, then look into some of the coworking places around you. While it may not mean the difference between success and failure in your business, it might just make the difference between looking forward to working and beating the struggle to turn off the TV at home and get focused on your work!


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