Signs It’s Time for a Digital Marketing Change-Up

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Digital marketing is one of the most effective methods of reaching customers and generating revenue available. With the right digital marketing strategy, you can maximize your online reach while learning how to engage and communicate with individuals who have a genuine and vested interest in your company. Understanding common signs that it is time for a digital marketing change-up helps avoid losing traction when you want to continue to build and expand your brand.

How to Know When Your Current Marketing Strategy Is Failing

Determining that your marketing strategy is not working the way you desire can be done by keeping track of analytics and engagement stats while also diving deeper into the conversations users are having about your brand. Some of the most common signs to look for that prove your digital marketing strategy is simply not working include:

  • You notice less engagement, views, likes, and shares on your posts and updates.
  • Users are disgruntled or offer snarky remarks and jokes pertaining to a digital campaign you have launched.
  • Your website is receiving fewer visitors than average and less traffic directly from the campaigns you are running.
  • Your website’s bounce rate has skyrocketed or is over 50 percent for all users.
  • Users are spending less time on your website and on your social media pages, effectively hurting your ability to generate sales and revenue.
  • Your social media pages are losing followers.
  • You receive fewer comments and responses to each of the campaigns you launch using avenues such as Facebook and Instagram.
  • Followers are sharing alternative brands and options aside from yours on your social media pages and within comment sections.

Why Improve Your Marketing Strategies and Campaigns?

Even if your digital marketing strategy is not currently working in the way you desire, it is never too late to change and improve it. A new marketing strategy with an entirely different approach is a way to appeal to new potential customers and followers who are interested in your products and services. With a new and effective marketing strategy, you can bounce back from a stagnant online presence and maximize your reach and sales.

How to Change and Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Invest in a professional brand makeover. Catching the eye of prospective customers and loyal followers is key when building an online business. Ensure your logo and the colors you utilize are appealing and visually aligned with the audience you want to reach and the products or services you provide. Use professional photography and graphics to share in your marketing campaigns, and do so each time you update with a new blog post.

Customer feedback is imperative for online businesses and brands. Knowing what your consumers want from your business is a way to better deliver the results they desire. Solicit customer feedback often, especially when you are working towards building your brand and creating a product or service that users trust and desire. Connect with your followers by asking and answering questions. Provide excellent customer service while showcasing transparency by responding to inquiries and thoughts directly on your social media pages.

Improve your social media ad strategy. Launch ad campaigns using Facebook Ads for in-depth reports and analytics to learn more about those who are actively engaging in your campaigns. Hone in on the demographics you want to reach and learn to target the right audience with A/B testing of multiple campaigns simultaneously.

When you understand the importance of digital marketing, take advantage of various tools and methods to reach your target audience and demographics. With the right digital marketing strategy, you can effectively appeal to those who are willing to trust and invest in your business for greater future success. Raine Digital knows how to take your business’ digital marketing to the next level. Contact us today and schedule some time for a consultation to see exactly what we can do to make your business thrive!


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