A Guide to Keeping Your Brand Consistent — No Matter Where You Advertise

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Not only is a brand the character, tonal variation, and the way that your company behaves, but it is also the proposition that communicates consistency in the value of a product. All too often when people talk about brands as well as branding, their mind drifts to logos, colors, websites, and designs. Although these items are relatively crucial to the branding process, you can take the thought of branding a notch higher. The main purpose of a brand is communicating an idea that consumers can easily associate with. The idea should also bring some sense of trust by communicating that your product is the solution to their needs. This can only be done by creating and maintaining consistency in a brand.

Improve Your Call through the Website

The website, or landing page as it is often referred to, is intended to sell your products. All too often marketers try to cram multiple CTAs (Call-to-Actions) without a clear strategy in mind. To succeed in utilizing CTAs, you must get into your consumer’s mind frame. For instance, how often would the consumer click on an advert that pops over? Well, if the consumer was on your website and they saw a pop-up, would they be happy or irritated? With that in mind, consider working on a call to action that will attract clients to your website.

Send Consistent Calls on Social Media

The advent of social media marketing has contributed to the growth and development of multiple social media platforms that consumers can use to search for information regarding your brand. For your brand to always be online, you can strengthen your message by linking one social media platform to several social media platforms. Another way of maintaining your presence through social media is posting the brand’s photos from the retail displays.

Maintaining Brand Packaging

Product packaging is one crucial aspect in maintaining product consistency. This is because for manufacturers, having a consistent brand packaging for identity in retail displays is an important aspect of the entire business strategy. With that said, all it takes to create consistent product packaging is to internalize your target consumer’s tastes and preferences. With the two, you can easily pack your products in unique packages that will not confuse your consumers. The package should be unique and different from your competitor’s.

Incorporate Brand Identity in the Physical Store

Retail displays play a pivotal role in marketing your brand through physical stores. A display is definitely the backbone of your marketing strategy because it is the outlet through which your brand is dispensed. Whether customers visit your website or your store, you want them to immediately recognize your brand. To that end, your retail displays should match the aesthetic and messaging of your website. If you want to remain relevant and consistent with marketing your brand in retail displays, incorporate point of sale (POS) material. All too often, POS highlight the design of your brand, retail price, and quality.

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