Make Your Logo More Effective by Customizing it for Your Industry

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Logos are like beacons in the capitalist consumer night. Any business worth its salt would do well to take advantage of their time in the industry by customizing their company logo to express exactly what market the establishment is geared towards. Customization has, over the years, evolved from a novelty to a necessity. Below are three quick ways to optimize a company logo and ensure that it attracts the largest number of people in the shortest amount of time.

Make it Informative

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Without brand values and meaning, a logo is just a cool design. The aim behind a logo is to give a potential customer the most amount of information in the least amount of time. In one glance, a good logo gives a customer the majority of what they need to know. A bad logo is one that requires too much investigation from the potential consumer. When searching for the greatest volume of potential patrons, it is imperative that each of these patrons understands exactly what the company is about within a blink.   For example, in the automotive industry, a logo featuring a tire or steering wheel would attract more paying customers than one sporting, say, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Get Inside Their Head

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Is there a catchy phrase somewhere in the visual space of the logo? If not, there is a good chance there should be. There are fewer things more memorable than a catchy slogan banging around the mental recesses, and customers may purchase the product simply to quell the wailing voices singing out the company slogan like a chorus in their mind. Even if an individual is not immediately in need of, say, a nice used Buick, the time may come where a new used car is in the cards. It will be at that exact moment that the infuriatingly catchy Buick jingle crawls back to the surface, prompting a trip to the used Buick lot.  According to Traco, packaging is always going to depend on who your audience is and what they want. The best way to achieve this is to do market research and start getting inside of your audience’s head. Are they an eco-friendly market and would perhaps like to see more sustainable product packaging? Or are they beauty-inclined and need to see their products pop with color and design? This is all in addition to great copy on the product.

Be Irresistible

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Some people are intensely visually minded. These people’s attention is easy to capture through visually spectacular logos, designs that are impossible for even the average person to look away from. The sight of such a logo can haunt just as well as it can inspire, making it all the more important not to slack on the visual front. Thus, engaging with the consumer base is something of a two-pronged attack that causes one to rely on the other in order to maximize lasting impressions.


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