Website Services

One-Page Starter Website

Start to Finish in 14 Days or Less*

$500 + $50/mo

Get started on a platform that’s built for growth. That way, as your business grows, so you can your website.

We know you must be very strategic with budgeting, especially when just starting out.  For this reason, we developed an option that allows you to create an online presence that makes a great first impression – without breaking the bank.

No matter how small or large your organization is, if you don’t have a website you are missing out on valuable business.  Our one-page website is a solution that allows you to get started with an online presence.  It’s also built using the same tools and frameworks as large websites, so there’s plenty of room for growth and expansion of your website as your business grows.

*Timeline may vary based on client response time or unique, complex situations beyond our control.

Custom Website Development

If you require a larger, more expansive, website or you’re ready to expand your current website, our custom development products will be a good fit for you.

Custom development projects often include things like interactive elements, e-commerce, use of plugins, membership areas, and many more elements!

Because of how projects can differ so greatly from one another, it’s impossible to standardize pricing for custom projects.

To get started, click below to answer a questionnaire about your project to receive a free estimate!

Church Websites

Base & Premium Options

Churches have a specific set of website needs.  In addition to using best SEO practices, mobile responsiveness, modern technologies and trusted platforms, we have developed packages to ensure churches can provide the necessary content to their website visitors.

The Base Option – $800 one time fee + 55/mo

Includes the following content:

Home, About, What We Believe, Contact Form, Location Map, Social Media Links, and Paypal Donations

The Premium Option – $1800 one time fee + $80/mo

Includes everything in the base package plus the following:

Staff/Team Members, Audio/Video Sermon Uploads, Additional Donation Options, Calendar, and Social Media Links, Group Directory

Professional SEO Analysis - Starting at $99.99

Your website should attract visitors and persuade them to become a customer. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) analysis will help you identify what’s working — and what’s not — related to your online presence. We break down the website performance, accessibility, securities, content, activity, and strategies that are impacting your search rankings. After our SEO audit, you’ll have a clear understanding of what’s working and where you have opportunities for improvement.

If you purchase any recommended SEO Optimization services from Raine Digital within 30 days of receiving an analysis report, you will receive a credit for the cost of the analysis.

Ongoing Maintenance

The days of setting up a website and forgetting about it are long gone.  Proper maintenance will ensure that your website stays up to date, compatible with web browsers and doesn’t fall behind the curve as new technologies are released.

Our maintenance solutions that range from the very basics of making sure the technical elements of your website stay up to date and secure, all the way through fully managed solutions.

Monthly maintenance plans start at $50/mo and vary based on the size of the website, number of technical aspects of the website, and individual management needs.

Have Questions?

Not quite sure yet?  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns we would love to chat with you!