Rutherford Manufacturing Group

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our work with
Rutherford manufacturing group

Rutherford Manufacturing Group originally approached Raine Digital in late 2020 with an idea for a new kind of innovative machine shop.  Their goals are to continue to bring innovation and community to the manufacturing industry.

RMG brought Raine Digital on to help formulate a business start up strategy, develop branding and positioning, and handle all things web and marketing.

As of 3rd quarter 2021, we have been able to help RMG achieve one of the highest machine shop review ratings in their local area and are so excited for their continued growth.

Our relationship with RMG has been a fruitful one, allowing us to work together on projects where a client requires both product and manufacturing (RMG), and guidance and support in business and marketing.

Today, we continue to collaborate with Rutherford Manufacturing Group as both a client and a partner.




  • Energetic green was an important color to bring into the branding for RMG as a representation of their commitment to clean energy in manufacturing.
print media

business cards

RMG is focused on standing tall in the manufacturing industry by delivering superior customer experiences.  With a focus on clean energy and safe, streamlined operations,  they’ve set themselves apart in the industry– and their business card needed to reflect that.  So, we went with a suede card with Raised UV texture for the logo marks.  This card always makes a lasting first impression and a memorable brand experience for consumers.

The RMG website project allowed us to capture the heart of RMG and deliver that in the user experience.  With offerings that range from premium cnc machining and 3d print services to the Imagination Exploration platform for Creators, we knew this website needed to resonate with multiple audiences. For this reason, we built it in a way that immediately guides the visitor through the customer journey most relevant to them.

reputation management

local business  online toolkit

RMG utilizes the Raine Digital Business Dashboard + Local Business Online Toolkit to manage and develop their growing online presence.  With our reputation management software, and their premier products and service, they’re able to follow up with customers quickly to acquire feedback on the review platforms that help their brand continually build local consumer trust.


SEO & Social Content

blogs & social media content

Staying engaged in the manufacturing community is vital for RMG.  We provide regular, relevant blog articles tailored for their target audience that help them rank higher in search engine results.  Then, we promote those posts along with other social content to stay engaged with the online community they’ve built. These have been key factors in their continually growing brand awareness.

Online Advertising

PPC Advertising

Raine Digital manages the online advertising endeavors for Rutherford Manufacturing Group.  Our combined efforts to build an online presence across multiple platforms and through multiple channels continues to increase the digital relevancy score for RMG, ultimately driving down advertising costs.  These ads are driving new prospects to the website every week, and these prospects are requesting quotes for services.