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We’re not going to outgrow our need for information.

– Seth Godin

Is Alignable the New LinkedIn?

Is Alignable the New LinkedIn?

Alignable and LinkedIn are both business networking sites, yet have very different purposes. Alignable is designed for small business networking to help businesses connect. On the other hand, LinkedIn is a professional network intended to showcase personal skills and...

Always Ask for Help

Always Ask for Help

Why is it we seem to struggle so much to ask for help or accept help when it is offered? Is there a place in our mind that makes us believe we do not need it? Does it make me look weak or stupid? is it just foolish pride? I have dealt with all the feelings in my...



Perspective is simply how we see things. In business, often success and failure are about perspective. Sometimes quick successes take you into long term failure, while short term setbacks lead to long term wins. There are times we celebrate the signing of a new...



We all have things we need to do. We must work, we have people to take care of, and we always find ways to be busy. But, how often do we think about what we are doing? How often do we act with intention? To be intentional, you must be able to articulate what your...

Defaults Versus Standards

Defaults Versus Standards

We tend to get into routines. We have certain tools, methodologies, and procedures we like to use.. As processed become more formalized, they become the only way we do things. Standards are great in that they are proven way to things. The problem with standards is...

The Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect

The ripple effect is the idea of concentric circles radiating from a stone in a body of still water. This also explains the culture of any organization. If people are happy and believe they are doing meaningful work, they radiate from that stone. However, in a toxic...



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