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Time-Saving Tips for Social Media

Social media can be feel like an overwhelmingly massive undertaking when first starting out, especially for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals.  There's a lot of pressure to be relevant and active in a lots of places at the same time, and that's just the...

3 Email Basics To Get Your Email Opened

The From While many of you think this shouldn’t really even be on the list, as it is a no-brainer, a quick glance at my inbox proves you’re incorrect.  The variety of names of who my emails came from range from my close friends and family, to some stranger named...

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Amp Up Your Social Media Strategy

We all know first impressions can be awkward, and most definitely are when you’re not prepared.  Just like the individual that goes to a job interview without the necessary skillset, or the blind date that goes horribly wrong, first impressions are no different in the...

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