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Action-Taker, Connector, & Idea Generator at Raine Digital

VP of Sales & Marketing

my story

Passionate about business, craft beer, and dogs— but not necessarily in that order. I am here to connect people with the individuals and resources they need to succeed. When I stepped away from social work in 2015, I was as determined as ever to make the world a better place. I believe that helping small business owners thrive, I also improve my local economy, introduce innovative solutions to the market, and make the world better.  

My job is Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Raine Digital, a full-suite outsourced business growth and marketing agency working from Downtown Phoenix. But no, I am not here to sell you anything. Despite the title, my role at Raine is cultivating strong relationships with everyone we partner with and ensuring each client’s success. We recognize that every company is unique, so we curate a powerful growth strategy for each client. 

When I’m not working with Raine Clients, I’m most likely volunteering with today’s youth at events like YouthChangemaker Summits and StartUp Weekends, or enjoying a hobby, like candle-making.

– Adam Ward

fast facts


Connecting People

Determined to make the world a better place, few things make Adam as happy as when he makes a valuable connection between people and resources they need to thrive.


Multi-Sector Experience

Adam’s experience includes work with hundreds of businesses across varying industries, helping them to acheive success on their terms.

favorite reads…

Tuesdays with Morrie
Mitch Albom

How to Win Friends and Influence People
by Dale Carnegie

Never Split the Difference
by Chris Voss Carnegie



515 E Grant Street
Suite 150
Phoenix, AZ 85004, United States

Satellite Operations:

2441-Q Old Fort Parkway
Suite 641
Murfreesboro, TN, 37128 United States

Phone: +1-844-342-6200

Email: info@rainedigital.com

Website: rainedigital.com


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We believe businesses require a strong foundation to grow and scale. Raine Digital Coaching is like a personal trainer for your business.

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Whether you’re looking for DIY tools & resources to start your business or a full-service agency solution, we’ve got you covered.

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