Tripling Revenue in 12 Months: A Holistic Marketing Success Story for an Accounting Firm

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Tripling Revenue in 12 Months: A Holistic Marketing Success Story for an Accounting Firm

by Lindsey Underwood Moers | Read by Kayla


Our client, an established accounting firm, approached us with the goal of significantly increasing their revenue within a 12-month period. The firm was generating $1M in revenue and aimed to reach $2M the following year. To achieve this ambitious target, we employed our holistic approach to marketing, leveraging a combination of website development, local listings, social media management, Google Ads, CRM implementation, drip campaigns, and lead generation strategies.



The accounting firm faced stiff competition in their market and needed to differentiate themselves from their competitors. They wanted to increase their visibility, streamline their customer relationship management, and optimize their marketing efforts to generate more leads and conversions.



We began by building a new, modern, and responsive website that showcased the firm’s expertise and services. The site was optimized for search engines and user experience, ensuring that it was easily discoverable and provided valuable information to potential clients.


Next, we set up and optimized local listings for the firm, improving their visibility in search results and making it easier for clients to find them online.


Additionally, we developed and executed a comprehensive SEO blogging strategy to further enhance the accounting firm’s online presence. Our team of skilled content writers crafted high-quality, informative articles that addressed the needs and pain points of the target audience. By targeting relevant keywords and optimizing the content for search engines, we were able to improve the firm’s organic search rankings, driving more targeted traffic to their website. The regular publication of valuable content not only increased the firm’s visibility but also positioned them as a trusted authority in the accounting industry, fostering trust among potential clients and ultimately contributing to the significant growth in revenue.


We also managed the firm’s social media presence, creating engaging and informative content that positioned them as an industry leader and helped them connect with their target audience. In parallel, we ran targeted Google Ads campaigns that drove qualified traffic to the firm’s website, increasing the number of leads and conversions.


To streamline their customer relationship management, we implemented a CRM system that allowed the firm to effectively manage and nurture their leads. We also developed a series of drip campaigns that kept potential clients engaged and informed throughout the sales process, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates.


Finally, we focused on lead generation by creating targeted marketing campaigns and utilizing lead magnets to attract and capture potential clients’ contact information.



Over the course of 12 months, our comprehensive marketing efforts helped the accounting firm increase their revenue from $1M to $3M, effectively tripling their revenue. The firm experienced significant growth in their client base, improved their online visibility, and optimized their marketing strategies, resulting in a substantial return on investment.


This case study demonstrates how our holistic approach to marketing can drive significant results for businesses in competitive industries, helping them achieve their goals and grow their revenue.


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