Inspire Your Team to Love Their Work

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Do your team members feel proud to work for your organization? People who love their jobs and the company they work for often feel compelled to do their best work. When they love their work, they are often more successful, impacting your productivity and efficiency, which can dramatically affect the bottom line.

Research shows that when employees like their company, they are also 149 times more likely to recommend their workplace to others. Whether you are looking for highly qualified team members or skilled professionals in other departments, it helps when you have a team of inside brand ambassadors ready to help you recruit. Brand ambassadors are the face of the brand, representing and promoting you to others.

So, how can you inspire your team members to embrace your employer brand from the inside out?

Be vocal about your company’s mission, vision, and values. Make sure everyone on your team knows and is empowered by your organization’s core values and mission. This empowerment goes beyond a poster on the wall but being the embodiment of them as a leader. Look for ways to share how individual people live out your values daily beyond the office. If your company is big on employee well-being, be sure to share the ways your organization promotes this value. You could do this through extra breaks or thoughtful employee recognition. Regardless of appearances, do not keep it quiet. Share stories of your team members.

Be willing to collaborate with like-minded companies. Consider what matters most to your company and look to partner with others in your area who share similar values.

You should connect your brand ambassadors with the community. Do your employees volunteer in the community or connect with their clients on a grassroots level? These are the best opportunities to spotlight your employer brand and help employees feel optimistic about your organization.

It would be best if you encourage your employees to promote company award wins. If your team or your company wins recognition, empower, and encourage your staff to celebrate these victories. Remember to make it simple. You could try giving your employees a photo of an award or a certification along with some copy-and-paste wording they can use in their social media. One company I know of gives their employees rubber ducks.

Your employees are your most valuable assets. Do they feel proud to work for your organization?  It is best if you value them. When you help them get to know what your organization stands for, you can inspire them to stand behind your mission. The result? Happier, more productive employees who are proud to come to work every day. And this will help you thrive.


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