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This is going to be an unusual post from me, as it is about the time I spent volunteering at the Charles Schwab Championship Cup. While I was volunteering out of my love for the game of golf, I happened to notice several things that entirely connect to marketing and customer experience. It relates to everything that goes with knowing your customer personas and understanding the customer journey. Let me explain.

It’s All in the Details

When you show up before any PGA pros do, you see some interesting things that I had never considered. All the things that go on before anyone plays remind me of launching a new marketing campaign or getting ready for a new product release. This is due to the attention to detail, as a casual golfer, that I had never considered.


Simplify the Message

Did you know that golf courses that host professional tours have the equivalent of giant hair dryers attached to golf carts to dry the dew on the grass before any player tees off? The purpose is to remove any moisture from the fairway. While this seems minimal, this little detail allows balls to roll farther because the moisture is a hindrance to the ball’s forward motion. Additionally, the water will add weight to the ball when making any fairway shot. To me, this is the equivalent of simplifying and clarifying any messaging you are trying to do. Let potential customers know that you want them to have the best experience possible.


Less is More

These same golf courses mow the tee boxes and greens before the start of each round. How much can the grass grow from yesterday to today? Yet, there are still clippings. And while they are noticeably short, to the most discerning customer, paying attention to these minute details makes all the difference. The length of the grass on the green is a factor that affects the speed of the ball on the green. Shaving your marketing message may help to speed the spread of your message, getting more people through the doors of your business.


Keep Them Coming Back

Why do these golf courses do this? They want the golfers to have the best experience possible because it makes them want to come back. The players (customers) understand that the time they spend working (playing) will be challenging. By developing the best message and experience possible, you cultivate an environment where everything is based on creating a place where your customer will have optimal interactions with your business.

When the pros love the course, in the same way as when customers love your business, it causes them to talk about it. They want to come back and encourage others to do the same. And this will help you thrive.


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