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Do You Want to Raise Your Emails to the Next Level?

Nov 4, 2020Business Development, Marketing, Strategy0 comments

Leaders and professionals often spend a good portion of their day crafting emails. While they might be great at verbal communication, they may not be as skillful when it comes to the written word—still, emails matter. Leaders and team members must know how to use the right words in their emails to make a great impression on clients, prospects, and peers, with the interest of increasing their chances of landing a meeting, sharing updates, and clarifying questions.

There are several phrases and words that can help leaders and teams communicate their message clearly and decisively.

Always use the recipient’s name.

When you personalize your emails, you establish an immediate connection between you and the recipient. You should keep in mind to only use recipients’ names when it makes sense. In other words, do not stuff names unnaturally into your email message. This will appear as spam and computer-generated.

Use the word “simple” when applicable.

By including the word “simple” in your emails, you convey that your message is not complicated. People are busy. They prefer focusing their attention on things that are easy and tend to pass over things that are complex or difficult to understand.

Use the word “also” when applicable.

Words such as “also,” “and” or “in addition” are great ways to imply something important. These words are particularly valuable when writing sales, marketing, or change order proposal emails. By using these words, you demonstrate that the recipient is getting more than just one piece of valuable information. The value this adds will be greatly appreciated.

Use the word “right” when applicable.

When people see this word, they often associate it with other related words like “correct” or “appropriate.” “Right” is typically associated with positive feelings. This is precisely how you want people to feel when they read your emails. When you use the word “right” early on in your message, you can set a positive and confirming tone for your email.

Use the word “new” when appropriate.

Many people love the word “new” since it creates images of clean, innovative, and high-quality. That is why we use the phrase “new car smell.” Consider that when something is new, it is also often fresh or never seen before. And people like to be the first to know.

Use the word “freebie” when applicable.

While this one is more for those in sales and marketing, a “freebie” is something that people get in exchange for something else. It might be that you send them a free download or checklist in exchange for their contact information. You should use “freebie” or something like it in your emails because almost everyone likes getting something for nothing.

Use the word “backed” when applicable.

The term “backed” implies authority. For example, if you say that something is “customer-backed” or “research-based,” you can add credibility to your statement. Doing this will cause clients, prospects, and peers to pay closer attention to what you are saying.

If you want more clients and prospects to read and respond to your emails, try incorporating some of the above words and phrases into your copy. You will come across as a smarter communicator and inspire recipients to act—and this will help you thrive.

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