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Seven Harsh Truths About SEO

Oct 15, 2020Marketing, Strategy, Website Design and Development0 comments

#1. SEO is a never-ending game.

Many people think you get a ranking with your content, and that’s it–but that’s not the case at all. With search engines scouring billions of blogs and websites out there, you’ve got a lot of competition. This means you’ve got to continually add to and update your website’s content to really win at the SEO game.  

#2. SEO is a long-term strategy.

A lot of people still believe that SEO alone can begin to pay off within three to six months. However, as the world wide web has continued to grow, new websites are often on a 12 to 18-month journey before they really begin to reap the benefits of SEO. Of course, going omnichannel by bringing other marketing methods into the mix will expedite that, but we’re focusing on the topic of SEO alone in this post.

#3. Content ranks best.

Copy content tends to rank higher than other types of content still. While video is certainly on the rise, copy still performs better when it comes to SEO. You can definitely rank video and audio content. However, it’s more challenging than copy, and that’s why we believe other types of content should still come into play after you have a solid copy strategy.

#4. SEO isn’t really free.

While you don’t technically have to pay for a specific platform as you do with advertising, the time, energy, and resources that go into SEO do come with a price tag.  

#5. PPC converts better than SEO.

Pay per click allows you more control over the delivery of your content than SEO does. With SEO, you’re working to entice consumers and please search engines. The ROI on SEO is still worthwhile and often better in the long run than PPC. However, your conversion rates will be higher with different methods of advertising than with SEO.

#6. SEO fluctuates.

There are lots of changes always happening to search engine algorithms. Sometimes this works in your favor, and sometimes it doesn’t. At the end of the day, if your content focuses first on adding value to your readers, then pleasing the search engines, you’ll see less impact with algorithm changes.

#7. You can’t rely on SEO alone.

With increasing competition, the need for a long term strategy, and ever-changing algorithms, no brand can successfully rely solely on SEO for their marketing strategy. You must bring other methods into the mix with social media, reputation management, and advertising.


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