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Digital credentials will help you promote your clients as well as your products and services. Similar to certificates or diplomas, digital credentials signify something about your experience and qualification. They showcase your knowledge and expertise. In an ever-evolving world, digital credentials can help differentiate you from other professionals and showcase your skills in a specific area. 


What are you doing with social media?  

Considering the massive amount of people on social media (about 3.4 billion active users), social media is a marketing powerhouse. If you can incorporate digital credentials into your social media strategy, you will drive brand awareness, increase engagement, and strengthen your company’s online reputation. Use keywords or hashtags to search for individuals sharing your digital credentials online and interact with them. You can also ask team members to share their certifications socially, which helps present them as knowledgeable experts in their field. 


Are you making the most of your email?  

Although people get inundated with emails, email marketing is still one of the best ways to connect with customers and build meaningful relationships. By including digital credentials in email signatures, you can drive brand awareness and validation. Credentials help all professionals establish credibility from the moment the recipient opens the email. 


Are you sharing your credentials on your website?  

Digital credentials are meant to be seen and shared. If you are developing a campaign that issues digital badges, consider creating a dedicated landing page for your digital credentials. This page allows potential earners to see the badge associated with the skill and boosts visibility for your credentials. The more traffic you draw to the page, the more recognition you gain for the initiative. 


Do people know what you are involved with?  

At in-person events such as trade shows and conferences, digital badges are a way to stand out and be seen among other exhibitors and attendees. Including digital badges at your booth encourages conversation and sparks questions about your services and products. This visual representation allows key audiences to see your expertise before they engage with your team. 


Digital credentials are a useful way to showcase knowledge and stand out. Whether earned at an industry event or by completing a course, digital badges can go a long way in your marketing. Try incorporating digital badges into your email marketing and social media. Be sure to feature badges on your website, as well–and thrive.


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