The Ripple Effect

Jun 11, 2020Business Development0 comments

The ripple effect is the idea of concentric circles radiating from a stone in a body of still water. This also explains the culture of any organization. If people are happy and believe they are doing meaningful work, they radiate from that stone. However, in a toxic culture, the waves also radiate from that stone.

When a leader does not listen, it affects the people in his charge. Are your employees only showing up for a paycheck and attempting to look busy without truly accomplishing much? This is an issue and one that is seen far too often. According to a HubSpot survey, 69% of employees say they would harder if they felt appreciated. In addition, in a FastTrack 360 survey, 71% of executives say employee engagement is the key to success. Yet many executives do not know how to truly engage their employees.

Employee engagement is about the emotional attachment your people have in their work. And this all depends on you. While everyone wants to make more money, money is not what brings engagement. Feeling valued and appreciated, knowing the work is important, and believing in the vision; these are what engages employees.

The ripple effect, these radiating concentric circles in the workplace center on the leadership. How are you engaging the people you are responsible for?


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