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Why You Should Gift Inside and Outside Your Organization

Nov 16, 2019Professional Relationships0 comments

We all know that with the holidays comes gifts. We start planning what we’re going to get our mom, our significant other, and most of our friends months in advance. But, as business leaders, we must consider which of our professional relationships should also receive gifts this holiday season. 

Of course, giving gifts isn’t an obligation. But it is a great way to build the culture you want and show the people you work with that you support, care, and appreciate everything they do. As a business leader, gifting your clients is just as important as your team. Here’s why and what you should get them: 

Gift Outside Your Organization

When we talk about gifting outside your organization, we don’t refer exclusively to clients. You should send something to your favorite clients because without them, your business might not be at the level it is currently. But sometimes, the people who your company should send a gift to is just someone who advocates for, supports, and helps your business grow.  

These gifts can be a small something to show appreciation, and it can even be the same gift for everyone. But it is best if these gifts are local and unique. Our favorite thing to give right now is a box of cookies from our friends at Noms Bake Shop.

For some of your larger or favorite clients, it’s worth taking the extra initiative and getting them a personalized gift with their name or logo on it. Ideally, these gifts are something your client will actually use and proudly show off, like a Luxury Traveler Tote or a Deluxe Square Decanter Set

Gift Inside Your Organization

No one cares more or does more for your business than the people who show up every day and keep it running. While paychecks might be the primary motive, if your team members do not feel valued for their contribution, they will inevitably leave. Great companies care and appreciate their people all year round. But the holidays provide an opportunity to give a gift that reinforces this appreciation. 

What you gift your team should align with your company values, but should also be something they actually want. One of the most convenient gifts is a gift card, but often, on their own, they are impersonal. Take time to consider your company culture and what stage of life your team members are in. Then, ask yourself if you would want to receive what you chose as a gift. 

For example, imagine an office with a family-oriented culture, where most people are parents. For them, a family pack of tickets to the local museum or zoo would be more meaningful than a gourmet food basket

Giving holiday gifts shows your employees how much you appreciate them, fosters your client relationships and gets everyone excited to continue working with you in the new year. Need help finding a unique and professional gift that fits your budget? We gathered some of our favorite holiday gift ideas all in one place! 


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